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This is a list of 0th level arcane spells and their speech components.

Name (S) Explained
resistance adversor
acid splash respergo ardor aestuo
detect poison comperio fel fellis
detect magic comperio magicus
read magic acroasis magicus
daze distendo
dancing lights saltatio color
flare clareo coruscus
light adsimulatus coruscus
ray of frost algidus Transf
ghost sound adsimulatus canor
disrupt undead adlido animans cadaver
touch of fatigue defetiscor attactu
mage hand adlevatio absque attrecto
mending exsarcio
message adfero adferre attuli adlatum
open/close adaperio/adoperio
arcane mark magicus cera
presdiditation magicus astutia

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