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  1. Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat) (edit) → OGC:Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat)
  2. Arch Nemesis (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Arch Nemesis (3.5e Feat)
  3. OGC:Authority Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Authority Domain (5e Subclass)
  4. Avatar (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Avatar (3.5e Feat)
  5. Barbarian of the Frozen Wastelands (OGC Class) (edit) → OGC:Barbarian of the North (3.5e Class)
  6. Barbarian of the North (OGC Class) (edit) → OGC:Barbarian of the North (3.5e Class)
  7. Barbaric Past (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Barbaric Past (3.5e Feat)
  8. Bardic Lore (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Bardic Lore (3.5e Feat)
  9. Beast Line (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Beast Line (3.5e Feat)
  10. Boundaries of the Past (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Boundaries of the Past (3.5e Feat)
  11. User:GamerAim/OGCTestMain/OGC Character Options (edit) → OGC:Character Options
  12. OGC:Charity Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Charity Domain (5e Subclass)
  13. OGC:Circle of the Untamed Wilderness (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Circle of the Untamed Wilderness (5e Subclass)
  14. OGC:Circle of the Worked Stone (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Circle of the Worked Stone (5e Subclass)
  15. Co Dependence (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Co Dependence (3.5e Feat)
  16. OGC:College of the Passage (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:College of the Passage (5e Subclass)
  17. OGC:Community Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Community Domain (5e Subclass)
  18. OGC:Conformity Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Conformity Domain (5e Subclass)
  19. OGC:Cosmic Syzygy (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Cosmic Syzygy (5e Subclass)
  20. Delusions of Grandeur (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Delusions of Grandeur (3.5e Feat)
  21. Destiny Denied (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Destiny Denied (3.5e Feat)
  22. OGC:Detect Mystical Stream (3.5e Spell) (edit) → OGC:Detect Mystical Streams (3.5e Spell)
  23. Divine Champion (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Divine Champion (3.5e Feat)
  24. OGC:Dream Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Dream Domain (5e Subclass)
  25. Dwarf Line (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Dwarf Line (3.5e Feat)
  26. Elf Line (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Elf Line (3.5e Feat)
  27. Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat) (edit) → OGC:Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat)
  28. OGC:Fey-Blooded (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Fey-Blooded (5e Subclass)
  29. OGC:Fighter Feats (edit) → OGC:Fighter Bonus Feats
  30. OGC:Flames Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Flames Domain (5e Subclass)
  31. Flashstone (3.5e Equipment) (edit) → OGC:Flashstone (3.5e Equipment)
  32. Forgotten Lore (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Forgotten Lore (3.5e Feat)
  33. Great Destiny (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Great Destiny (3.5e Feat)
  34. Inspired Past (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Inspired Past (3.5e Feat)
  35. OGC:Labyrinth Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Labyrinth Domain (5e Subclass)
  36. Legal System (3.5e Variant Rule) (edit) → OGC:Legal System (3.5e Variant Rule)
  37. OGC:Lightless Prowler (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Lightless Prowler (5e Subclass)
  38. User:GamerAim/OGCTestMain (edit) → OGC:Main
  39. OGC:Misfortune Domain (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Misfortune Domain (5e Subclass)
  40. Monastic Past (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Monastic Past (3.5e Feat)
  41. OGC:necromancy Spells (edit) → OGC:Necromancy Spells
  42. Noble (5e Class) (edit) → OGC:Noble (5e Class)
  43. Noble Past (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Noble Past (3.5e Feat)
  44. OGC:Oath of Discovery (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Oath of Discovery (5e Subclass)
  45. OGC:Oath of the Angelic Avatar (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Oath of the Angelic Avatar (5e Subclass)
  46. OGC:Oozemancer Bloodline (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Oozemancer Bloodline (5e Subclass)
  47. Paragon of Beasts (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Paragon of Beasts (3.5e Feat)
  48. Past Life (OGC Feat) (edit) → OGC:Past Life (3.5e Feat)
  49. OGC:Path of the Fell Pact (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Path of the Fell Pact (5e Subclass)
  50. OGC:Path of the Survivalist (5e Archetype) (edit) → OGC:Path of the Survivalist (5e Subclass)

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