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Soul of the Dragon Seer[edit]

[[3e Summary::Soul of the Dragon Seer is a multi-quest campaign originally set in the Aegir campaign setting. The characters are entrusted with a powerful artifact and teleported to a hostile location for unknown reasons.]]Intended for four level 3 adventurers.

  • Prep Time: 4 hours (you'll need to familiarize yourself with the material)
  • Play Time: Roughly 10 sessions

Soul of the Dragon Seer is meant to be an extensive campaign. It will involve a lot of city action. In most cases the PCs are on the run from a very powerful villain who is hunting them down, and they must also avoid the local authorities. A large portion of the campaign will involve diplomacy, sneaking, and role playing, but there should be a healthy dose of cinematic fights thrown in. Wilderness adventure and dungeon crawls will be less common, but will occasionally crop up.

The main premise of the campaign: The PCs are born in a remote and insular village that exists to protect a magical artifact of great importance. The campaign begins when the village is attacked and the elder of the village has no choice but to shove the artifact into the PCs hands and teleport them to some unknown location - right into the heart of enemy territory! The PCs must avoid enemies and hide from whoever attacked the village, while trying to find their way home in a hostile land. To top it off, they don't even know what the artifact does!


The following is some information the DM should read before deciding whether or not to run this campaign. A list of quests and a short description of each follows.

Campaign Setting and Options[edit]

The broken continent of Aegir

This campaign was designed to fit into the campaign setting Aegir.

Major features:

  • Main feel: Irish folk legend (faerie rings and wil-o'-the-wisps, etc)
  • Humans are dominant with Fey as a close second.
  • Few other sentient races - dwarves, halflings, lizardmen, and goblins are the only ones worth noting.
  • PCs originally intended to be humans with fey bloodlines, known as "Haza-Fey" (hidden fey).
  • Human sorcerers and bards are extremely distrusted, as is any form of inate magic, and are hunted by the Inquisition.
  • The Fey, as creatures of magic and often bards or sorcerers, are also hunted by the Inquisition, should they enter human lands.
  • Resurrection magic is much less available and more difficult - once a soul has left the body and entered the divine realm, it is almost impossible to get it back again.

For simplicity's sake, this campaign has been written assuming this world is being used and the PCs are Haza-Fey, but that doesn't mean you can't use your own campaign world and races.

Adaptations for your campaign world[edit]

The PC's race (and hence the race of the villagers who protect the Dragon Globe) could be changed easily to elves, or any other humanoid race which can blend in with human society with minimal disguises. There should be some tension between this race and humans, since many encounters in the campaign depend on an initial distrust or even hatred of the PCs by the humans in town. Additionally, this campaign assumes that human sorcerers and bards are extremely mistrusted and in fact hunted due to their innate magic. You can fit this into your campaign by creating or modifying a specific country into a suspicious, xenophobic and magic-fearing nation.


On the edge of the wilds, a small village of humans has lived peacefully for many years. Nothing much interesting happens there, and the village makes it's yearly tithe without complaint. While fey sightings are common here on the edge of the city-state of Gargoss, the village has been remarkably (and blessedly) free of loss - it seems these villagers know better than to follow a will-o'-the-wisp. At least, that's what they want the realm's Inquisitors to believe.

In truth, the small village of Redwind is populated entirely by Haza-Fey - Fey who long ago sacrificed their normal forms to take on the semblance of humans. These fey have devoted their lives to one sacred task: protect, and above all keep hidden, the Dragon Globe. The young people of the village begin learning from birth the many skills needded to accomplish this task - skills in dissembling, fighting, and espionage. But to keep them from inadvertently revealing the vital secret of the village, they are not told the true purpose of their training until the coming of age ceremony. Unfortunately for our heroes, our tale starts just a few weeks before this ceremony.

If they had been able to undergo the ceremony, this is what they would have learned: The Dragon Globe houses the soul of the Dragon Seer, a Radiant Dragon who lived many hundreds of years in the past. He saw through divination that an evil necromancer would come to power, and did battle with that necromancer. But the necromancer was more powerful, and the Dragon Seer was mortally wounded. The Fey managed to store his soul in the globe the moment it fled his body. The necromancer found the lifeless body and assumed the dragon was destroyed.

The Fey of Redwind have kept the Globe hidden ever since. They await a time when the Dragon Seer will be needed again, and seek to find a way to revive him. Sometimes, highly trained fey seers can communicate with the dragon's soul inside the globe, and receive vital prophecies.

The necromancer who killed the Dragon Seer is still out there, and while he is unaware of the existence of the Globe, he hunts the Fey for their alliance with the dragon.


This campaign is designed to start from the PC's home village, and is intended to be the first real adventure the PCs go on. However, it is conceivable that the PC's could have adventured previously or could be visiting the village.

Regardless, the hook of this campaign is a sudden and overpowering attack on the village, and the PCs are teleported into an unknown and hostile city with the Dragon Globe in hand. See the first quest, Fire in the Night, for details.


The following are vital NPCs which are involved in many parts of the campaign. Each adventure will have its own sub-set of NPCs.

  • The Dragon Seer - His soul is trapped within the Dragon Globe. The PCs must find a way to release him before the artifact is located and destroyed by the Necromancer.
  • Inquisitor Berne von Aldric - Regional Inquisitor for the city-state Isvrachen. The PCs are teleported into his city at the beginning of the campaign. When they thwart him by escaping his city, Inquisitor Aldric becomes obsessed with finding the PCs and bringing them to justice.
  • High Wizard Burhardt von Falke - Powerful wizard and advisor to the Emperor. Von Falke is a jealous and greedy man who despises inate magic users and the Fey. Falke is one of the driving forces behind the Inquisition.
  • His Holiness Koen Selig - Head of the church. Selig (which means "blessed") is a superb orator and wise man, and one of the Emperor's councilors. However, he has a dark secret...
  • Countess Zahira von Cygne - Once a beautiful and powerful countess, Zahira is now a fiercesome undead creature, similar to a zombie but far more cunning and dextrous. She is the Necromancer's favorite servant.


The Dragon Globe is the only item of significance to the campaign as a whole. However, other items may be significant to specific quests, and will be listed in those quests.

Quest One: Fire in the Night[edit]

Fire in the Night
Rec. Level: Four level 3 characters
Est. Length: 2-3 hours
Est. XP Gain: *** XP
The PCs find themselves teleported to a strange and hostile city, with a magical artifact that they have no idea how to use. They must use their wits to evade the Inquisition and find allies in the city who can get them information.
Main article: Fire in the Night

The PCs spend "a day in the life" of the village Redwind. That night, as the PCs are receiving instruction from the village elder, the lesson is interrupted by screaming and the sounds of fighting. Rushing outside, the PCs and the elder find that the village is under attack from dark creaturse, things of dead flesh and nightmare. The old man quickly pulls the PCs back into the temple. He runs to the altar and opens a secret compartment within it, removing the Dragon Globe. He manages to shove the artifact into the PCs hands, even as he is shot from behind by a pale, blackhaired woman weilding a crossbow. Whispering a few final, cryptic instructions, there is a flash of light, and the PCs are suddenly somewhere else.

They find themselves in a bustling, dirty, and very human city. Their sudden appearance takes the bustling market crowd completely by surprise, and the PCs are quickly confronted by frightened humans. This is the real start of the adventure, and the PCs must do their best to get out of the crowd and avoid notice. The Inquisition picks up their trail shortly after they arrive. If the PCs are resourceful, they may find allies in the city's underground - maybe even someone with a hint at how they can get back home, or what in the world they are supposed to do with the Dragon Globe!

The PCs learn rumours of an underground organization which tries to find and hide fledgeling sorcerors before they are hunted down and burned by the Inquisition. This group may be able to help the PCs, but first they need to find a representative of this group. The best place to look would be the capital city of Goult, to the northwest.

Quest Two: Lockdown[edit]

Main article: Lockdown

The city is locked down and the PCs must discover how to escape. They must make allies within the city in order to survive and find a way out while constantly dodging the Inquisition.

If the PCs can befriend the local theives, they may be able to escape the city through the sewers. They can also try and sneak out on a merchant caravan, though they will need to lay low for several days before the merchants get restless enough and make enough noise to be allowed to leave. Scaling the city wall or fighting their way out are also options.

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