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Sorted Power Feats (Heroes Supplement)

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Sorted Power Feats[edit]

Here is a list of the Power Feats sorted by the prerequisite Power Skill.

General Power Feats[edit]

Accelerated Probability Feats[edit]

Alchemy Feats[edit]

Animal Control Feats[edit]

Body Control Feats[edit]

Earth Control Feats[edit]

Emotion Feats[edit]

Empathy Feats[edit]

Energy Control Feats[edit]

Enhanced Hearing Feats[edit]

Enhanced Sight Feats[edit]

Flight Feats[edit]

Healing Feats[edit]

Illumination Feats[edit]

Illusion Feats[edit]

Invisibility Feats[edit]

Mental Control Feats[edit]

Phasing Feats[edit]

Plant Control Feats[edit]

Precognition Feats[edit]

Regeneration Feats[edit]

Space/Time Control Feats[edit]

Speed Feats[edit]

Strength Feats[edit]

Supercharge Feats[edit]

Technopathy Feats[edit]

Telekinesis Feats[edit]

Water Control Feats[edit]

Weather Control Feats[edit]

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