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Songspike: This elegantly wrought +2 thundering heavy pick was crafted by the dwarf bard Baeldreth Forgewind, high queen of the eastern mountains in the days before the orc-king Fathrak Manslayer drove the dwarves from those peaks. Baeldreth created Songspike in the aftermath of an orc assassin’s attempt on her life. Caught with only her treasured harp—an heirloom passed through generations of Forgewind bards— she clubbed her would-be killer to death with the instrument. Baeldreth gathered the remnants of the shattered harp and rebuilt it into a symbol of her people’s defiance of their orc enemies. Using the harp’s wooden spine as a haft, Baeldreth crafted the pick and carried it in battle against the invaders.

Tragically, in just ten years the orcs forced Baeldreth’s people from the mountains. During the final days of the struggle, Baeldreth resolved to preserve as much of her people’s legacy as possible. She built a series of carefully hidden treasure vaults, each sealed with a complex set of magical locks impossible to open without Songspike.

Songspike has since known several owners. For a time it was borne by Baeldreth’s great-grandson, Mattrek, who disappeared in the eastern mountains two years ago. According to legend, if the pick is carried into Baeldreth’s audience hall the spectral outline of a lap-harp seems to grow from its haft. If this ghostly instrument is used to play a particular dwarven ballad, it creates an illusory map that shows the path to the dwarven treasure hoards. Songspike supposedly offers safe passage past the golems, traps, and far worse that guard these vaults.

Songspike is an oddly crafted weapon. Its haft is quite obviously the wooden spine of a lap-harp, though its sharp steel head puts to rest any doubts of its utility in battle. If wielded in combat by a goodaligned dwarf, the weapon echoes with the faint strains of harp music and a deep, dwarven voice. When its thundering ability activates, this music roars to a crescendo as the voice intones the dwarf word for vengeance with a deafening shout.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Blindness/Deafness; Market Price: 32,308; Cost to Create: 16,308 gp + 1,280 XP.

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