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Son of a Potion![edit]

This potion costs an amazing 12,500 gp, but some people consider the cost worth it.

This potion is a potent magical drink, but a dangerous drug as well. Ingesting this concoction gives amazing powers, but the danger is that it is highly addicting. Son of a Potion! is an archpotion that grants the benefits of the true strike spell on every attack he ingests, and the benefits of the stoneskin and transformation spells for ten rounds after drinking.

However, as soon as the effects of the potion end, the inbiber becomes exhausted and has a 50% chance of becoming addicted to the potion.

Shelf Life[edit]

Archpotions have a limited shelf life. Archpotions that exceed their shelf life have a chance of going bad. There is a 10% chance per spell infused that after its shelf life date, the archpotion goes bad and instead has a different effect. Though it is the DMs decision, common expiration effects include:

Prereqs:Brew Archpotion, stoneskin, transformation, true strike.

Cost to Create: 6050 gp, 484 XP, 6 days

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