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Sky-Top Mushrooms[edit]

These sweet mushrooms grow in warm, dry places. They can usually be found growing under rocky outcroppings in plains and temperate deserts. Slow growing, they are 4 × more nutritious than a slab of beef of the same weight. Travelers and nomads harvest them, as they make excellent rations, drying readily for storage. Sky-tops have a sweet, earthy taste with a bit of a tangy aftertaste. In addition to being commonly added to soups, stews, or even simply eaten plain, they can be easily fermented into a sweet ale using an old nomad's trick. The brew ferments quickly, readily producing alcohol and stewing to a high proof. Sky-tops are occasionally found for sale in cities and towns, fetching a premium price, since they are not grown agriculturally.

One day's worth of Sky-Top Rations: 15gp

One pint of Sky-Top Ale: 20gp

Medicinal Use[edit]

Sky-tops, when ground up with a mortar and pestle and processed into a salve, it cleans wounds of infection and promotes healing. This salve grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Heal skill checks.

One bottle of Sky-Top Salve: 50 gp. This bottle provides enough salve for 10 uses.

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