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A Shock Roach
Size Small
Range Increment 30ft
Purchase DC 50
Restriction Mil +3
Damage see text
Rate of Fire S
Magazine 8 Reserves
Weight 15lbs
Fire Underwater see text

Shock Roach[edit]

The Shock Roach has all the characteristics of a large insect, with six legs and a tri-segmented body.A Shock Roach can move, react and attack of its own accord when not attached to another living being.

By squeezing a trigger gland, the player can force the Shockroach to spurt a rapid burst of electricity at a single position. These bolts of lightning deal 1d6 damage per hit, and 1d4 damage the next round due to long term electrical damage. Organisms that are killed by an electricity bolt and take more damage by the electricity next round, blow up in a 5ft radius.

Damage done by this weapon depends on what environ it is in at the time. If the enemy is in water, the enemy takes x2 the damage normally dealt. If the enemy is wearing any kind of grounding equipment (ie: rubber) then they take no damage. If they are immune to electricity take no damage.

The Shockroach regenerates lightning reserves at 4 every 1 round, and can be fired 4 times every round.

If fired underwater, a Shockroach kills itself and the organism that holds it, as well as all organisms immersed in the body of water the Roach was shot in.

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