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Amareth District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Julian Rastus of Worden (Halfling)

Lord Bartel Cobus of Ejnar (Human Paladin)

Lord Adamo Desi of Letizia (Human)

Lady Dorotea Ibbie (Half-Elf)


The Alabaster Barrel The Alabaster Barrel caters to Amareth citizens. They will not serve any who follow gods other than Samad. To quote the owner ‘the dragon said I can’t kill em. Didn’t say I have to serve em.’. The food at the Alabaster Barrel is an excellent example of Amareth cuisines, and their wine-list is the most extensive of any in Shieldmeet.

The Expensive Flagon

The Fine Chant Inn

The Magus and the Soldier

The Mean Penguin

The Mercenary's Sword

The Old Bottle Run by a young, tough lass called Maria Ilaria, the Old Bottle is one of the few Amareth establishments that will allow entry to all. It is a quality establishment, serving a fine meal and excellent drinks. Maria is known to have a bit of a temper, and has no problem banishing troublemakers from her establishment.


Adamina's Boutique

Angelica’s Breads and Meats

Arduino’s Stables

Beniamino’s Pastries

Bently’s Blacksmith

Books, Scrolls, and Folios

Calypso’s Philtres and Components

Costanzo’s Fine Furs

Dunstan's Leather Goods

Dwight's Junk Dwight's Junk is misnamed, as he tends to carry very fine items. He will buy and sell nearly anything non-magical, and offers fair prices. He gives better prices to his fellow Amareth, but will deal with virtually anyone provided they don't try to cheat him.

Ebony Seal Coaches and Wagons

Frazer's Weaponry

Garnet Glassware

Gerolf’s Apothecary

Green Duck Weavers

Imperial Cartographery

Jacqueline’s Tapestries

King’s Road Cloth

Lanterns and Lamps

Luca’s Haberdashery

Mortimer's Alchemy Shoppe

Rosa’s Grocery

Silvestre’s Exotic Wines

Sinclair's Sundries

Surelocked Coffers

Tennyson Books

The Adventurer’s Guild

The Ancient Past

The Bard’s Corner

The Baron’s Boots

The Crystal Falcon The Crystal Falcon is actually a small bazaar containing several gem merchants.

The Gray Feather Bowyer and fletcher, capable of masterwork quality.

The Gray Sage Spells and magical item shop run by a cranky old Elven wizard named Heian.

The Monster Shop Hamon is a retired adventurer who now trades in monsters and beasts. Mostly fur, fangs, and other body parts, but he does have an area of the shop dedicated to live specimens and eggs. He will also buy monster parts, eggs, and specimins from you for a fair price.

The Scented Lark Perfumes

The Silver Bird


Three Old Ladies Laundry

Turtle’s Pipeweed and Herbs

Vilmar Armory

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Enclave of Samad The Enclave of Samad is a monastery. It offers a reward for items crafted by non-wizards or clerics of 'daemons'. They also offer rewards for texts and treatises on such. They claim to destroy all such items brought to them.

Temple of Samad

Golden Phoenix Mercenary Guild

Red Wolf Mercenary Guild

Basira District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Basir eben Hafiz of Saadat (Genasi Sorcerer)


The Dead Quail's Alehouse

The Wand and the Club

The Wise Soldier Inn


Achmed's General Store Achmed carries many trade goods and general adventuring gear. On rare occasions he will purchase items of interest. He offers a substancial discount to his fellow Basira and refuses to deal with Sclavini and Itotia. He raises prices for non-humans, and will not sell to goblinkin.

Bent Nail Carpentry and wood-working.

Altair's Gems

Fareed's Clothiers

Hikmat's Market

Juda's Curios

Madidir Fine Furs

Biif Pastries and Breads

Ras Jammin Wines

Fatahkir Weavery Tapestries and Cloth

Wadi Aalat Musical Instruments

Ras Aawar Tower of Knowledge Books and Scrolls, with a Sage on staff

Abusim Arms

Wadi Abdmeima

Wadi Ahmal

Khatara Armory

Sameima Smithy

Raniya’s Leather

House of Pleasure

Blessed Apothecary

The Sands of Time

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Monastery of the Golden Moon The ladies of the golden moon function as a hospital and asylum for the city. They do not sell healing items or potions. Their services are not free, though they will accept trade instead of currency.

Dwarven District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Arngeir Stormhammer of Wulfride (Dwarf Archivist)


The Great Sword Hall

The Cheap Stein

The Paladin's Flagon

The Retired Club Saloon

The Bold Dogs's Alehouse

The Full Cauldron Saloon


Stormhammer Smithy Owned by Whurrid Stormhammer, a dwarf of high repute. He sells masterwork items, and is willing to take special orders. He will sell to anyone, but refuses to negotiate price. Take it or leave it.

Halldor's Shield's

Oskar's Blades of Distinction

Vigharthur's Armor

Bryjnya's Repairs

Thorsteinn's Brewery

Wermund's Stoneworks

Kelda's Leather Goods

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Elven District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Araceli do Dijana of Celebrindal (Elf Wizard) Lord Lómë Tûr (Elf)


The Elated Unicorn The finer of the two Elvish Taverns in the city, the Elated Unicorn caters mainly to the grey elves. Citizens of Itotia, Orisha, Onatah, and Sclavini are discouraged to patronize.

The Shattered Blessing


Tinowen's Tinowen is a gray elf who trades in magical (wizardly arcane) items. He will occasionally buy items of non-wizard manufacture, but at drastically reduced prices. He does not resell such items. He tends to have a small stock of wands and potions, but otherwise his inventory can change daily. He also carries many standard spell components.

Glilmal's Alchemy

Eoweviel's Books and Scrolls

Nuril's Fine Jewels

Glerion's Boutique

Tinaril's Curios

Goldur's Market

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Falkor District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Hunfrith (Human)


The Joyous Giant's Inn

The Priest and Bull

The Rogue and Lady


Goldflame's Armory Owned by partners, a human and a dwarf. They specialize in Falkor style armor (leather armors and breastplates) and shields. They have a good stock laid in for larger humans and dwarves, and custom-size items upon request. They are capable of masterwork quality craftsmanship. Their prices fluctuate depending on who is doing the buying.

Alaric's Axes

Hrolfr's Tannery

Liulfr's Market

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Gnomish District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Scilla of Talin (Gnome Artificer)


The Engineer's Inn Located next to the lighthouse, this inn is quite popular with gnomes. Dwarves and Halflings may be able to find accommodations here, but taller folk may have some difficulty. Regardless, there are some willing to brave the discomfort of short ceilings and small chairs in order to experience the latest creations of the Gnomish Brewmaster’s Guild.

The Elixir and Cup

The Sword and Potion


Abopakoyexapoqi All Things Shoppe

Bladesmith’s Guild

Bold Brazier’s - Brassworkers

Goldsmith’s Guild

Jeweler’s Guild

Lavish Latoner’s - Bronzeworkers

Locksmith’s Guild

Novobitupur's Firearms

Shortbows and Crossbows

The Burnished Blacksmith

The Clock-work Guild

The Glass Guild

Wondrous Weavers

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Healer's Guild

The Glorious Guildhall – temple

The Minter’s Guild – makers of coins

The Lighthouse

Halfling District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Breindal Golda (Halfling)


The Swaggering Spider

The Sad Imp Tavern

The Rare Blessing

The Magus and the Priest


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Itotia District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Lalinlor Loth (Human) Replaced Lord Ihucatl of Eztli (Half-orc) after his untimely and unexplained death


The Snake's Feather Located in the small Itotia enclave, this is the only tavern in Shieldmeet to feature Itotia fare. As such, most non-Itotia avoid it entirely. The goblins occasionally stop in when they wish a change from the fare at the Serpent's tavern.


Tlailli The only official shop in the Itotia District, Tlailli keeps a variety of Itotian goods in stock. She will sell to some Sclavini and goblins, but no others.

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Khepri District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Bahiti (Human)


The Outrageous Snake Bar

The Screaming Dragon's Tavern

The Young Warrior's Saloon

The Angel and Phoenix


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Makarios District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Theodotos Stathis of Adara (Human Cleric)


The Artisan's Barrel The Artisan’s Barrel serves a good meal and a fine beer. Many famous bards are said to have gotten their start here, and even High Council Members have been spotted taking in a show or two. There is always something to see at the Artisan’s Barrel.

The Harlot's Inn

The Conjuress' Bottle


Other Places of Interest[edit]

The Arena The arena is hosted by Lord Theodotos Stathis. Gladiators come from all over the world to compete here in various tournaments, usually on behalf of a sponsor or for large prizes. By Shieldmeet law, it is illegal to have a match 'to the death', but deaths in the ring are nontheless common. As sponsors often gain prestige when their 'heroes' win, political rivals often ensure their rival's champions meet 'accidental' deaths.

Orisha District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Ekundayo of Kwabena (Human Dragon Shaman)


The Dying Bird

The Happy Tiger

The Goat's Hall


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Onatah District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Atisa Guifi of Menhalom (Human)


The Raven's Call

The Coyote's Laughter


Other Places of Interest[edit]

The Circle Gather Due to problems the Onatah had with 'outsiders' among their camps, not to mention the fact that the camps are generally mobile and prone to change, the tribes joined forces to create the Circle Gather, a large open-air bazaar. All trade is done there, and it is the location of the two 'taverns' of the Onatah.

Righnach District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Padraig Oilioll of Fiachra (Human Druid)


The Ape's Alehouse Favored by the folks from Righnach. Strong beer, if not always the tastiest. Can usually be counted on to have a good brawl or two.

The Lemure's Alehouse

The Outrageous Demon

The Centaur's Tail

The Minister's Inn


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Sclavini District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Casimir Gostislav of Andrzej (Tiefling Warlock)

Lady Daciana Bogna of Bohdan (Human)


The Wolf and Swindler Owned by Aurel, a retired soldier. The Wolf and Swindler is famous for it's stage and the many performers it hosts.

The Boring Harlot

The Blue Scroll

The Cleric's Talisman


Jasna's Elixirs Jasna carries a large stock of non-magical alchemical and herbal potions. She has a 10% chance of having a magical potion of 0th or 1st level in stock. Jasna offers a 5% discount to her fellow Sclavini, and refuses to sell to elves.

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Tatsuo District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Minori Nao of Yasuo (Human)


The Duplicate Prayer

The Kind Footpad Saloon

The Worn Cauldron

The Destitute Ogre

The Glad Lion Actually a tea house.


Deta-toko shobu Gambling house

Aite no nai kenka wa denkinu Weapon shop

Koji ma Oshi Curio shop

Muri ga toreba, dori hikkomu Books, scrolls, and a sage

Atama kakushite, shiri kakusazu. Armor and shields

Nou aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu. Alchemist

Mime yori kokoro. Silk merchant and clothier

Me wa kokoro no kagami Pleasure house

Shunsho ikkoku, atai senkin Grocer

Wa sake hito o nomu Exotic wines and herbs

Kuni yaburete, sanga ari Potions, spell components, and occasional magical items

Baka ga atte riko ga hikitatsu Barrister and clerk

Ame futte ji katamaru Pottery

Byoki desu Apothecary and healer

Michi ni mayoi mashita Cartographer and translator

Other Places of Interest[edit]

Vasant District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lady Ritsika Vijaya of Ishana (Half-Elf)


The Unquiet Artisan

The Weeping Bird Saloon

The Cleric's Chant


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Seafolk District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Dahuwa (Sea Elf)


The Strong Fish Inn

The Immoral Narwhal's Saloon

The Saloon of Hawks


Other Places of Interest[edit]

Goblin District[edit]

Council Members[edit]

Lord Wealdhere (Hobgoblin)


The Glad Jackal

The Serpent's Tavern Run by a goblin called Nip, the serpent's tavern attracts an 'interesting' clientèle. Oddly, Nip has a reputation as a healer, and her ales are said to be able to cure 'what ails ya'. Though Nip is willing to allow just about anyone through her doors, she throws out anyone who talks down to the goblins and generally has a couple hobgoblins around to enforce her decrees.


Other Places of Interest[edit]


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