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Shepards Nails: These six +1 bane (beast and magical beast) wounding shortspears were crafted by the followers of a herdsman god and given to warrior-shepherds in their most dangerous pasturelands, “a gift to my flock so they may guard their flocks.” Six of these shortspears were made. They are a byproduct of a religious war that took place between the followers of the herdsman god and the local druids over two hundred years ago. The war ended when the herdsmen felled the trees of the druid’s sacred grove and drove them from the region; the shafts of these spears were carved from the holy white ash trees of the grove. This act of desecration is still remembered by the druids’ descendents and the remnants of that order hold a grudge against anyone who wields this weapon, whether or not a follower of the herdsman god. The druids would like to reacquire all of the Nails and add them to their relic trove. They’ve managed to reclaim three of the six spears so far.

A Shepherd’s Nail has a shaft of white ash, approximately forty-two inches in length and 1” in thickness. Its 6” long head is a white-steel tip that gleams with exceptional brightness in direct sunlight. The images of seven beasts are carved along the shaft: a wolf, a mountain lion, a wyvern, a hippogriff, a chimera, a manticore, and an owlbear, signifying the beasts that it was intended to slay (these were the most common predators in the area when the spear was crafted, though the bane property covers all beasts and magical beasts).

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Summon Monster I, Mord’s sword; Market Price: 98,302 gp; Cost to Create: 49,302 gp + 3,920 XP.

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