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What it is[edit]

Part of the essence of the multiverse's Demiurge encased in a shard it is impossibly strong


Capable of using these spells up to a certain # of times per day Sunfire Orb/3day, Egill's Eye of Truth/3day, Seige Ball/1day, Primal Calling/3day, Flash Freeze/7day, Deadtime/1day, Deflect Arrows/3day Capable of using these spells up to a certain # per week Siphon Power/1week Capable of using these spells up to a certain # per multiple years Ending/20years, Apotheosis Chrysalis/10years, Primal Web/10years. When in the vicinity of the Omnicide Theoshell it disables its invincibility but at the loss of this items powers.


In the beginning Ticonderoga created this shard imbuing it with a bit of his personality (the Lawful part) including this he created four shards in all each one the precursor of the 4 alignments. Before the beginning of time, Ticonderoga created two cosmic apprentices Panagiotis and Panagiota to help him in the creation of the multiverse. These entities were entrusted with the placement of these corrupting artifacts. This artifact was placed in a demiplane of pure chaotic energy to counteract it's lawful properties as were the others placed in their own opposites to counteract their alignment properties. Eventually, the stress from their monumental tasks intermingled amongst the entities, then spreading to the artifacts and weakening their prisons allowing the artifacts power to escape corrupting the entities. The one in the negative energy corrupted Panagiotis and the one in the positive energy corrupted Panagiota and from that point on the entities lost their absolute neutral alignments, So instead they gained the alignments pure evil and pure good respectively.

They now thought of each other as abominations of their new beliefs and set out to destroy each other. In this cosmos wracking war Panagiota won and killed her brother. Ticonderoga saw this and took Panagiotis's body and used it to created a singular plane of unifying good called Chrysosdom. For Panagiota's treachery he banished her to a place beyond the known existence there she used her knowledge of shard creation to create two shards one of knowledge and one of chaos, but the chaos shard was imperfect and mutated into a shard of madness. The energies this shard produced fused the two shards together into a plane of incomprehensible knowledgeable madness called The Far Realm. To look after this realm Panagiota created multiple deities such as Cthulhu, Hastur among others all given a name as a whole the old ones. For this atrocity Ticonderoga imprisoned her within a city named Sigil. Eventually her evil alignment wore off and then regained her true neutral alignment. Nowadays after millennia of imprisonment she is known as The Lady Of Pain giving little thought to the realm she inadvertently created believing Sigil is her one and only true home. Chrysosdom ended up feeling the affects of the original Law and Chaos shards in the north Chrysosdom the Law shard imposed ideals and order. In the south the Chaos shard imposed entropy and disorder. The north is now what we call The Astral Sea and the south is now what we call The Elemental Chaos. This shards current whereabouts are somewhere deep in center of The Astral Sea in a place it helped create (Mechanus) protected by the most Lawful creatures of all time.

Shard of Pure Evil, Shard of Pure Chaos, Shard of Pure Good

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