Sfartalheim Timeline

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On the subject of history[edit]

Before 3000 BT[edit]

3000 BT[edit]

2500 BT[edit]

2000 BT[edit]

1500 BT[edit]

1498: The foundation of the Elven Polis League.

1153: Odonata began writing ""Comintarii di Belis Occitalis"" while she governs Minor Marsailis.

1000 BT[edit]

The Elven League is transformed into the Elven Empire.

500 BT[edit]

Year 0[edit]

Fall of the Elven Empire by invading tribes pushed from the east and slave revolts.

500 AT[edit]

1000 AT[edit]

1400 AT and the Modern World[edit]

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