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Seren Watters, God of Chaos

Medium natural humanoid (dragonborn)

Seren Watters, God of Chaos
Level 40 Solo Brute
Medium Dragonborn Natural humanoid
XP 700,000
Initiative 31Senses 45 Senses 35
Aura of Death (Death) aura 2 squares; Any enemy of Seren's within the aura for more than 5 turns (not including if they move out of it and then he moves back to them) will take half their health in damage every turn after the fifth turn when they are in the aura
HP 1550; Bloodied 775
Healing Surges 5
AC 60; Fortitude 57, Reflex 52, Will 51
Immune to poison and resist 20 to all except normal weapon damage.
Saving Throws +5 to all saving throws
Speed 7, teleport 8
Action Points 2
Standard; at-will Reaping Strike
Effect: the target takes 10d10 necrotic damage +50 fire damage
Minor; at-will Smite of Chaos
Effect: Target takes 10d4 + 50 necrotic damage
Standard; Daily Death
Effect: The creature that Seren targets takes 1000 damage, is marked, and takes damage as if his aura were around it. However when Seren uses this power he automatically loses half of his remaining hp.

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alignment= Chaotic Evil languages= Common, Draconic, Supernal, Abyssal skills= All skills 25 and up, let the DM decide strength=28 strbonus=29 dexterity=22 dexbonus=26 wisdom=20 wisbonus=25 constitution=20 conbonus=28 intelligence=20 intbonus=25 charisma=20 chabonus=25

Seren Watters, God of Chaos Tactics ====

The god Seren will start of without attacking anyone until someone maages to land a blow. Then he will use Reaping Strike and Smite of Chaos on them until they are knocked unconscious. When they are knocked unconscious, Seren will attack anyone close to him and then go after all mages and archers.

Seren Watters, God of Chaos Lore ===

A character knows the following information with a successful history check.

DC 20: You've heard vague mentions of this new God of Chaos though you didn't think that he actually existed.

DC 25: You know that Seren had risen up just a little bit ago to slay all the gods but was cast into the abyss for attacking Bahamut, Moradin, and Erathis at the same time.

DC 30: He took on three of the most powerful gods of this time and came out no worse for wear, where as Bahamut was beaten to pulp and barely managed to survive, Erathis' right arm is now mysteriously missing, and Moradin has had to call upon Vecna for healing. You should probably GTFO.

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