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Greater Deity
Symbol: The Battleaxe and Warhammer
Home Plane: Abyssal Plane, Deific Sphere
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Hatred, Destruction, Violence, Avarice, Terror
Clergy Alignments: CE, NE, CN
Domains: Death, Destruction, War, Chaos, Strength
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe or Warhammer
Serberus, bringer of chaos and destruction, and patron to barbarians.

Serberus is a god of chaos and destruction, a Barbarian who revels in violence, rage, disorder, and general calamity for all the fun and excitement it brings. He naturally has earned a place in most Barbarian's and Fighter's hearts, due to his inherent interest in their prowess, though not all accept him, considering him to be over-the-top in his destructive rampages. Still, his is a force to be reckoned with, and the Pantheon manage to keep him under control only through force, since reason can never contain him, despite him being capable of it.


Practitioners following Serberus are entirely chaotic entities. Most of them take training to become warriors in his name, such as many roaming Barbarian tribes, Fighters, few orders of monks, and many others. Serberus teaches might over all else; Destroy what gets in your way, and beat what does not. Reason is not as necessary so long as you're enjoying the power you wield over others. Rage and Anger, as well as Hatred, are allies in the pursuit of pure power, while compassion and reason are weaknesses.

Orcs and Drow are his favored races, because their cultures have almost entirely adapted his teachings.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy of Serberus are almost always council to war. They usually possess a keen instinct in battle, and hardly rely on divine strength of spells, unless they benefit themselves directly, such as augmenting their own destructive power. They also find themselves more willing to consort with lawlessness and Barbarianism, as well as train in a variety of weapons. Death to enemies is a reveled part of the religion, as well, so it can also play a major role in how clergy behave.


Serberus holds a major seat in the Pantheon of Tirr, the last of the five major deities to rule over the council. His chaotic nature often disturbs and causes tensions with the other gods, including Mephistopheles, his closest ally in his endeavors to influence the Material Sphere. Despite the numerous arguments that come up, and the occasional violence, Serberus holds his seat purely out of power and from being one of those who made the oath of the Pantheon.

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