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Sensory Processing Disorder[edit]

You have extraordinarily acute senses.
Benefit: The character gains the Scent extraordinary quality.

Darkvision 60 feet, if the character already has darkvision than this is added to their normal darkvision. The character has keen vision and can read things from afar. The character gets a +5 on Listen checks.

3 Bonus Feats
Drawback: The character cannot stand strong smells. Any time the character is exposed to powerful or bad smells the character must make a DC 20 Fortitude save to avoid vomiting, leaving the character Nauseated for one round. If the character succeeds on this save, the character is instead Sickened for one round.

The character's eyes become sensitive to sunlight, sometimes other forms of light as well, and are dazzled by sunlight. -6 to all Spot and Search checks and cannot follow movement. The character is easily Lost. There is an automatic DC of 6 for this purpose in known surroundings and a DC of 10 in unknown surroundings, regardless of maps. The character often fails to see objects right in front of him. Your character hates to be touched by others. He will go to great lengths to avoid contact, which gives him a -4 to any check in which the action requires touching someone else. If touched by an NPC, character must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ NPC's hit dice + NPC's charisma modifier) to avoid reacting dramatically to the contact. If save is failed, the character will receive a -4 to all diplomacy, bluff or gather information checks and that NPC's attitude will decrease by one level.

If there is a loud sound in the character's vicinity, he is Paralyzed for five rounds and Shaken for an hour.
Special: If you ever become immune to the nauseated and sickened effects, you lose the benefit of the trait.

Can not already have light sensitivity in any form. Must be corporeal.

Can not be blind or deaf.

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