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Scythe Guard
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Status: finished
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Created By SilverDragon1


A ScytheGuard is a Gargoyle warrior that usually carries a scythe around. Scytheguards also use dark magic to strike opponents from a distance. Scytheguards always go around naked (but they don't care) but it doesn't matter(unless you want it to).

Abilities: The most important are strength, constitution and Charisma.

Races: only Gargoyles.

Alignment: Any non-evil.

Starting Gold: Fighter.

Starting Age: Gargoyle.

Table: The ScytheGuard

Hit Die: 1d8|-

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spells per Day Power
Maximum Power
Level Known
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st +4 3 6 4 Ray of Darkness, Naked body, Spew smoke
2nd +4 3 6 4 Enchantment of Darkness
3rd +5/+1 3 6 4 Dark Scythe Strike
4th +5/+1 4 7 5 Claws of Stone
5th +6/+2 4 7 5 Strength +1, Constitution +1
6th +6/+2 4 7 5 Dark Fireball
7th +7/+3 5 8 6 Dark Aura
8th +7/+3 5 8 6 Taint
9th +8/+4 5 8 6
10th +8/+4 6 9 7
11th +9/+5 6 9 7 Charisma +2,
12th +9/=5 6 9 7 Dark copy
13th +10/+6 7 10 8 Dark energy Cover
14th +10/+6 7 10 8 stremgth +1, constitution +1
15th +11/+7 7 10 8 charisma +1
16th +11/+7 8 11 9 dark mana +10
17th +12/+8 8 11 9 vison of darkness
18th +12/+8 8 11 9 strength +1, constitution +1, charisma +1
19th +12/+8 9 12 10
20th +12/+8 9 12 10 cloud of darkness

Class Skills 6 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
bluff(cha), climb(str), concentration(con), craft(int) , diplomacy(cha), gather information(cha), intimidate(cha), jump(str), knowledge(arcana)(int), knowledge(nature)(int), search(int), swim(str), use magic device(cha).

Class Features[edit]

ScytheGuard features. All of the following are class features of the ScytheGuard.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: a ScytheGuard cannot be proficient with armor, proficient with scythes and simple weapons.

Hot Body (Su): A ScytheGuards body is supernaturaly heated and any character who touches him takes 2d6 heat damage.

Dark Mana: a ScytheGuard uses dark magic to cast all of his dark spells. dark mana regenerates 10 points per round or every 5 seconds. Dark mana roll:4d6 every 2 levels.

Fire subtype: (Su): A ScytheGuard's body is filled with supernatural heat and gains the fire subtype

Naked body A ScytheGuards body must remain Naked or their dark magic is interupted and corrupts whatever clothes they have on (no clothes balances the class).

Ray of Darkness: You cast a ray of pure darkness to deal 2d6 dark damage to the target (+1d6 per 3 levels, max 8d6). cost is 15 dark mana points -

Enchantment of Darkness: You give an allies weapon an extra 2d6 dark damage on their next 3 succesful hits. cost is 30 dark mana points

Dark Scythe strike: You fill you'r scythe with Dark mana as you strike giving you an extra Dark curse effect and do double damage with your scythe.

Dark curse Touch spell. The target takes 4d6 damage each round or 15 points every 10 seconds outside of battle. the targets body is covered with spots of dark fog that's there to look pretty(not realy look pretty but hopefully you get the point). this lasts until it is cured with cure disease or until the target dies. cost 20 dark mana points if used without dark scythe strike.

Claw of Darkness You cover your claws in dark magic as you claw your opponent dealing an extra 2d6 dark damage. cost 10 dark mana points

Dark fireball Just like fireball but is black with dark fire dealing dark damage(search fireball for normal spell details). cost 25 dark mana points

Dark Aura You generate a dark aura which forms a dark sphere 25ft wide in radius that drains the life force of everyone inside until their drained and unconcious.drains 5 health per round or every 5 seconds until 1 hp left

cloud of Darkness You create a dark fog thats 50ft. wide that poisons and paralyses anyone who enters that doesn't pass will save.cost 35 dark mana points.

Dark copy You create a dark copy of yourself and get covered in dark cover for 3 minutes or until the copy is attacked once. cost 40 Dark Mana points.

Dark energy cover You glow with dark magic to reduce damage by 50% until removed. doubles dark mana cost not including this. cost 50 dark mana points.

Vision of darkness you can see everyone in a 45ft. radius in and out of sight ignoring invisibility until deactivated. cost 45 dark mana points to activate. deals 1s6 dark damage if used longer than 2 minutes.

Taint you can taint objects and buildings with dark magic so that it glows with dark magic and deal damage every round (or every 10 seconds) to whoever touches it. weapons deal 2d6 dark damage, objects deal 1d6 dark damage, doors deal 4d6 dark damage, walls, floors and buildings deal 2d6 dark damage, armor deals 2d6(light), 2d8(medium), 2d10(heavy), 1d6(regular clothes) and Tainted objects and buildings dicintegrate into ash when untainted.


A ScytheGuard that is wearing clothes or armor cannot cast his/her dark magic because clothes and armor get tainted by dark magic and slowly kills the ScytheGuard until he takes them off or until he/she dies. worn clothes or armor takes 1 round or 5 seconds to taint.

Epic ScytheGuards[edit]

Table: The Epic ScytheGuard

Hit Die: 1d10

Level Special
21st Aura of darkness
22nd +1 strenth
23rd steady mind
26th Darkened mind
27th dark mana +25
28th Height changed to large
30th Dark magic armor

8 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Aura of Darkness: This dark magic deals 6d6 darkness damage to anyone he chooses within a 25ft. radius.

steady mind: your mind has steadied giving you +3 to total intelligence

Darkened mind: you fill your mind with dark magic which makes mind spells inaffective

dark magic armor: you gain armor made of pure dark magic as strong as plate. costs 50 dark mana

Bonus Feats: The epic ScytheGuard gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic ScytheGuard bonus feats) every 4 levels after 20th.

Epic ScytheGuard Bonus Feat List:Golem Body, Improved Darkvision, .

Gargoyle ScytheGuard Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Gargoyles Scythe.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
Hide 2 - "—"
Knowledge(Geography) 3 - "—"

Feat:Scythe Proficiency, naked fighting.

Gear: You start naked with a scythe (yes seriously).

Gold: 25 gold pieces.

Playing a ScytheGuard[edit]

Religion: ScytheGuards usually worship gods that like Gargoyles.

Other Classes: ScytheGuards get along great with spellcasters and other characters who don't criticize them for beinh naked and don't like evil characters period.

Combat: A ScytheGuard is either in close combat or casting his spells .

Advancement: A ScytheGuard cannot be chosen if you already have a spell caster class and cannot progress into spellcasting like wizards/sorcerers, bards, druids, etc...

ScytheGuards in the World[edit]

Don't need no armor to kill.
—Tyllin, Gargoyle Scytheguard

ScytheGuards naturaly live in ruins with other Gargoyles and other Monstrous Humanoid Characters

Daily Life: A ScytheGuard explores in a group of two other ScytheGuards when on the road or stays at his home city ruin.

Notables: Npc ScytheGuards will normaly be in ruins with other monstrous humanoids or on the road with other ScytheGuards.

Organizations: ScytheGuards assemble when they need to take care of something in their city ruin.

NPC Reactions: npcs will usually react on why they go around naked.

ScytheGuard Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge(Arcana) can research ScythGuards to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge(Nature).
DC Result
5 ScytheGuards are normaly naked.
10 A ScytheGuard's body is hot to the touch.
15 ScythGuards use deadly dark magic.
20 Scytheguards are supernatural Gargoyles that spew smoke when they like to.|}

ScytheGuards in the Game[edit]

ScytheGuards normaly stay in ruins, caves, or small out of the way villages

Adaptation: A ScytheGuard can adapt to a situation or enviroment easily if in the right place.

Sample Encounter: A ScytheGuard walking through the village and goes into a tavern.

- If you like or Don't like how this class is made up send a message to the creator

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