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A Scaplers Cloak.

This outfit consists of a long, black cloak, optional hood, when the PC first puts it on he/she only finds that it has 10 pockets and 5 strips of cloth to hold things on/in. If the character puts an item into or on a pocket/strip, they find that it feels much lighter and when they wrap the cloak around them, the item doesn't even seem as though its there.

Average buy price: 1000 gp

Weight: 3 lbs., the material is thick, when you put an item into the robe, the weight is halved, but only when wrapped about the wearer.(i.e. light shield is the largest object that can be held to a strap, the largest object that could fit into a pocket is a spellbook, when a item is hung or placed into the cloak divide the objects weight by 2 then add it to the 3 lbs. the cloak is, for example a 10 lbs. object would seem to be 5 lbs. when the cloak is wrapped about the user.)

Creating: Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Secret Chest; Craft Wondrous Item, 1000gp

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