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Selfish and apathetic, the earthly Sarandors live life as if they are already dead.


Sarandors are a self-centered people with very little compassion towards anything else (including their own). They do not associate with their own kind any more than is strictly necesarry for survival and they are downright hostile towards anyone other than Sarandors. As a result, Sarandor doesn't have anything that resembles a government. Decisions that affect more than one person are made democratically amongst small communities. The only bonds between the communities are made by the necromancers (of which each community has at least one... they are as close as leaders as the Sarandors will get). The Sarandors are the only people of Eles-Perdna that do not burn their dead but let them lie around, which causes them to spontaniously arise as undead. These undead are kept around as a standing army or are used as servants or labourers. Overall, Sarandors lead a dreary life. The only enjoyment they ever know is pleasure gained from the pain of others.

Physical Description[edit]

Sarandors have a very bulky build and are as heavy as Mahrdians, even thought they hardly ever reach 6 feet in height. Their skin is a dull grey and feels very coarse and hard. Females have a thin growth of hair, which in texture almost resembles moss and is either brown or black in colour. Male Sarandors are bald, but other than that, there is almost no way of telling the genders apart. Their eyes are like coals, emotionless and expressionless.


They will pay respect to the Mahrdians, although this is more because the Mahrdians army could crush them with ease (the only reason the Mahrdians haven't done so yet is because they consider them a buffer against Karnin and Lumin).

Sarandors are native to Eles-Perdna and co-exist with Sirilians, Irinsians, Salandrians, Karnins, Mahrdians, Tanathans, Zurrens and Lumins.


Usually Neutral Evil.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Stability (ex): Sarandors are exceptionally stable on their feet. A Sarandor gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying or otherise not standing firmly on the ground).
  • Bastion of Defense (ex): When a Sarandor uses a shield with which he is proficient, he gains a +2 competence bonus to his AC during any round that he doesn't move.
  • Master of Improvization (ex): A Sarandor takes no penalties for using an improvised weapon (assuming that he is proficient with a weapon of equal base damage).
  • Powerful throw (ex): When a Sarandor uses a throwing weapon, the range is increased by 50%.
  • Natural Armor: The thick skin of a Sarandor grants him a +3 Natural Armour bonus to AC
  • Resistances: Sarandors have resistance to fire 10 and resistance to cold 10..
  • Spell-like abilities: A Sarandor with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of at least 10 gains spell-like abilities, depending on its Hit Dice, as indicated on the table below. The abilities are cumulative and usable once per day, unless otherwise noted. Caster level equals the Sarandor's HD and the save DC is Intelligence based.
Spell-like Abilities : Sarandor
HD Ability
1-2 caltrops, magic stone
3-4 hail of stone, fist of stone
5-6 soften earth and stone, false life
7-8 magic stone 3/day (overrides previous),meld into stone, giant's wrath
9-10 earthbolt, resist energy 3/day
11-12 spike stones, sudden stalagmite
13-14 wall of stone, xorn movement
15-16 stoneskin, flesh to stone
17-18 summon monster VIII (Greater Earth Elemental)
19-20 unyielding roots
  • Automatic Languages: Ancient Animean, Sarandorn. Bonus languages: Madaran, Mahrdian
  • Level Adjustment: +3


Some spells in the spell-like abilities are derived from the Spell Compendium.

All the races of Eles-Perdna are part of a homebrewed campaign. However, they can be easily adapted to any setting. All you need is one or more planes with strong elemental traits (such as elemental planes or the abyss) and have some adapted humanoids live there.

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