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Samarie's Doomsteel[edit]

Samarie doomsteel is a strange black rock-like metal. Made when a Samarie Smith merges adamantine, steel and glass enriched with negative energy. Samarie's doomsteel is a popular metal in Samrie society. However the metal cannot be worked with manually it requires, one absolutely limited wish spell or some other more powerful magic to work it. Once worked into a weapon or armor, the steel hardens even more. Doubling weapon hardness and hit points. However Samaries's steel weighs one-half as much. Once a Samarie's Doomsteel item is broken only a limited wish spell or some other more powerful magic can repair it.

Armor made of Samarie Doomsteel grant its wearer a +4 bonus to AC and give the wearer DR based on the weight of the armor. DR 5/- for light armor, DR 10/- for medium armor and DR 15/- for heavy armor.

Weapon made of Samarie Doomsteel deal damage as a weapon of one category bigger (such as a medium greatsword dealing 3d6 instead of 2d6). Weapon made of Samarie Doomsteel bypass all hardness less than 30.

Samarie's Doomsteel has 60 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 30.

Type of Samarie's Doomsteel Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +100 gp
Light armor +10,000 gp
Medium armor +40,000 gp
Heavy armor +90,000 gp
Shield +10,000 gp
Other items +5000 gp/lb.

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