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Archil is a land full of dire beasts, and many demons, the most well known invading demon is none other than Orcus Himself. He Attacks the plane once every year or so to try and take its capital city of Saiya (S-I_YUH). Its also home to the largest natural maze in the world. The Gorgsong Canyon Labyrinth.

Achil is a plane of peace, and wars only against demons.

Plane Traits[edit]

The City is in the Middle of a mountain, surrounded by a canyon maze. Around the mountain itself is a Tornado shield. It is so thick that no one can see nor enter the city unless one enters through the maze. Above the clouds there are flying castle islands that shoot down anything that fly's in range. The canyon is full of traps, and thief's, and takes at least a week to navigate for it is over 100 miles long in any direction. The canyon is known for making howling sounds like a million wolfs due to the wind. This sound has earned it the name Gorge Song. The entrance to it is blocked by a small and very friendly fort town called Conductor Fort. It is full of people guides to all planes, and many High level NPCs who will happily guide you to where you need to go, and even protect you for 1g per day.

  • Gravity: Outside the canyon the wind and gravity are so great that few beasts can survive more that an hour.
  • Time:
  • Size: The size of this area is unknown for certain, but it has been guessed at three hundred miles in diameter, with the dug out mountain, in the massive tornado in the center.
  • Morphic:

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: The Location of this canyon are odd, it is connected to all realms, and plains, by means of a super portal some 3 days from Conductor fort. It is full of life, and fields outside the canyon, and it has been said that in the canyon itself their are some farms.
  • Energy Dominance:
  • Alignment Trait: This is the most neutral plane in creation.
  • Magic Trait:

Plane Links[edit]


Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The only known inhabitans of the plain are demons who are located outside Conductor Fort at night time only. They constantly try and find ways through the canyon, but never bother the fort, they simply go around it. Others are standard encounters such as dire beasts, magical plants, and some demon encampments off all types.

Movement and Combat[edit]


Features of the Plane[edit]

The plane is the most beutiful sight in the cozmos at sunset, a nightmare at night, and an ordinary farming comunity by day. It has a massive Black rock canyon maze full of carved stone faces, where some have hidden their farms, other carved faces are traps set for those who would invade Saiya itself. A golden castle surounded by 9 other smaller castles in a Mountain that was used in the making of the citys. The City is protected by floting iland castles in the sky, and a massive tornado full of lightning, sharp earth, even dead adventurers. The only way to get in is through the canyon maze, and you must find the right way or be killed by the shield tornado.

Plane Links[edit]

Saiya- Saiya was made by many races who fight for peace, justice, and harmony. Some who helped were hard for most to believe. But in the end the great fortress, and city was finally built. Saiya itself is not one city at all. It's actually ten smaller castles surrounding a massive market place, and a huge golden castle. Each smaller castle is a minor city for each of the nine races that helped build and maintain the city fortress, and each has its own name, and is ruled by a king, or chief, and two aids to help the ruler make his or her decisions. The Elven City of Iron wood, The Orcish City of Gruumgal, the Dwarfish city of Anvilros, the Dragon born city of Dragon heart, the Gnomish city of Glock, the Halfling city of Holey Hollows, the Human city of Metropolore, The Giants city of Gaurgandus, and the Minotaur city of Stampedus. Their is however one more minor town withing the complex city, and that is the market place which over time became so full of merchants and craftsman, and so crazy with traffic, and trade, that eventually it became known as Coo Coo Town. The Kings of the Cites are Trent of the Orcs, Arkaida of the Elves, Regon of the Dwrars, Gizmo of the Gnomes, Beer Bumb of the Halflings, Rocky of the Giants, Regdar of the Humans, Gekiahn of the Dragon Born, and Crusher of the Minotaur. The City Saiya itself is Ruled by Nine Judges, one for each race, Valethan The paladin High Queen of the Humans, Glace The Blue warrior Dragon born High King, Pacifon the High Chief Druid of the Minotaur, the War chief Warlord Guile of the Orcs, the Warrior Voldremex is the High king of the Dwarfs, Abet Monk Goliath Peace Maker is the master of the Giants, The Cleric Ratchet is the King of Gnomes, The master thief Dirk is high king of the halflings, and Quil Writs is High Achmage, and high King of the Elves, and The Chief of Justice for Saiya. The Juges have two jobs, if there is a problem with two races, the matter falls to them to settle it, such as two kings disagreeing, or a thief of the halflings, takes from the elves. If the matter fall to one race it is the charge of the kings, or queens of that race to handle it, the judges wont get involved. The other charge is the guarding of the secrets of the city. A massive vault with a horrifyingly difficult combination, and key lock sits behind them, each racial king has a key, and each judge knows part of the combination, but the combination and the keys must be put in, in a certain way and order, or the door will not open, then the keys open another set of doors, further down the path behind the first door, one for each race. The path is protected by traps, and guards. So it is very rare for it to ever be opened.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Demons of all types and levels. Devils of all types and levels. Dire Boars Dire Tigers Dire Bears Human thieves Kobold Thieves Halfling Thieves City Guards and Unique mobs

Alternate Variances[edit]




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