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A saving throw roll is: d20 + Base save bonus + other modifiers due to equipment, active effects, environment, circumstance, etc. + ability modifier vs. DC of Save. The Saving Throw succeeds if the total of the die roll plus modifiers equals or exceeds the DC.

The three different kinds of saving throws are these:

Fortitude: These saves measure a combatant's ability to stand up to massive physical punishment or attacks against a combatant's vitality and health. Apply a combatant's Constitution modifier to a combatant's Fortitude saving throws.

Reflex: These saves test a combatant's ability to dodge attacks. Apply a combatant's Dexterity modifier to a combatant's Reflex saving throws.

Will: These saves reflect a combatant's resistance to mental influence and domination. Apply a combatant's Wisdom modifier to a combatant's Will saving throws.

Saving Throw Difficulty Class

The DC for a save is determined by the effect that triggered the save attempt. Any effect that allows a save will indicate the necessary DC, and the effects of saving.

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