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The character jumps a minimum distance plus an additional distance depending on the amount by which the character's Jump check result exceeds 10. The maximum distance of any jump is a function of the character's height.
Table:Jump Checks
Type of Jump Minimum Distance Additional Distance Maximum Distance
Running jump* 5 ft. +1 ft./1 point above 10 Height X 6
Standing jump 3 ft. +1 ft./2 points above 10 Height X 2
Running 2 ft. +1 ft./4 points above 10 Height X 1 1/2
high jump* Standing 2 ft. +1 ft./8 points above 10 Height
high jump Jump back 1 ft. +1 ft./8 points above 10 Height

*The character must move 20 feet before jumping. A character can't take a running jump in heavy armor. The distances listed are for characters with speeds of 30 feet. If the character has a lower speed (from armor, encumbrance, or weight carried, for instance), reduce the distance jumped proportionally. If the character has a higher speed (because the character is a barbarian or an experienced monk, for instance), increase the distance jumped proportionally.

Distance moved by jumping is counted against maximum movement in a round normally.

If the character intentionally jumps down from a height, the character might take less damage than if the character just fell. If the character succeeds at a Jump check (DC 15), the character takes damage as if the character had fallen 10 feet less than the character actually did.

If the character has 5 or more ranks in Tumble, the character gets a +2 synergy bonus on Jump checks.

A character who has the Run feat and who makes a running jump increases the distance or height he clears by one-fourth, but not past the maximum.

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