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Class Descriptions

  • Alignment: A few classes restrict a character's possible alignments. An entry of "Any" means that characters of this class are not restricted in alignment.
  • Hit Die: The type of Hit Die used by characters of the class determines the number of hit points gained per level.
  • Requirements: The character must meet these requirements prior to adding this class.
  • Class Table: This table details how a character improves as he or she gains experience levels. Class tables typically include the following:
    • Level: The character's level in that class.
    • Base Attack Bonus: The character's base attack bonus and number of attacks.
    • Fort Save: The base save bonus on Fortitude saving throws. The character's Constitution modifier also applies.
    • Ref Save: The base save bonus on Reflex saving throws. The character's Dexterity modifier also applies.
    • Will Save: The base save bonus on Will saving throws. The character's Wisdom modifier also applies.
    • Special: Level-dependent class abilities, each explained in the "Class Features" sections that follow.
  • Class Skills: The number of skill points the character starts with at 1st level, the number of skill points gained each level thereafter, and the list of class skills.
  • Class Features: Special characteristics of the class. When applicable, this section also mentions restrictions and disadvantages of the class. Class features include some or all of the following.
  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Which weapons and armor types the character is proficient with.
  • Other Features: Each class has certain unique capabilities.
  • Ex-Members: If, for some reason, a character is forced to give up this class, these are the rules for what happens.
  • Spells per Day: How many spells of each spell level the character can cast each day. If the entry is "—" for a given level of spells, the character may not cast any spells of that level. If the entry is "0," the character may only cast spells of that level if he or she has bonus spells. If the entry is a number, the character may cast that many spells plus any bonus spells. Bonus spells for wizards are based on Intelligence. Bonus spells for clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers are based on Wisdom. Bonus spells for sorcerers and bards are based on Charisma.
  • A character can always choose to memorize a lower-level spell to fill a higher-level slot.

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