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The Abilities

Every character has six basic Ability Scores:

The Score of these Abilities ranges from 0 to infinity. A limit, if any, will be specified in the rules. The normal human range is 3 to 18. It is possible for a creature to have a score of "none". A score of "none" is not the same as a score of "0". A score of "none" means that the creature does not possess the ability at all. The modifier for a score of "none" is +0.

Keeping track of negative ability score points is never necessary. A character’s ability score can’t drop below 0.

Ability Modifiers

Each ability will have a modifier. The modifier can be calculated using this formula: (ability/2) -5 [round result down]

The modifier is the number you add to or subtract from the die roll when your character tries to do something related to that ability. A positive modifier is called a bonus, and a negative modifier is called a penalty.

Ability Scores







Influencing Other Characters

Anything with no Charisma score is an object, not a creature. Anything without a Charisma score also has no Wisdom score, and vice versa.

Changing Ability Scores

Ability scores can increase with no limit. Poisons, diseases, and other effects can temporarily harm an ability (temporary ability damage). Ability points lost to damage return on their own, typically at a rate of 1 point per day. Some effects drain abilities, resulting in a permanent loss (permanent ability drain). Points lost this way don't return on their own. As a character ages, some ability scores go up and others go down. When an ability score changes, the modifier associated with that score also changes.

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