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Ricochet Throw [Combat][edit]

When you throw something it bounces a lot.
Prerequisite: PFSRD:Throw Anything, dex 13, bab 7
Benefit: when you throw bludgeoning weapons, Chakrams, throwing shields, or impovised weapons you may ricochet them off walls or monsters. you may hit as many creatures equal to your BAB want but not the same creature twice and the collective distance must be under the maximum range for the weapon. in addition for each target you take a cumulative -3 penalty to all attacks and swarms are immune to being ricocheted off of. When Ricochet is used the enemy hit going to the next is then the new trajectory of the weapon. if you make it rebound back to your space you may catch it.
Normal: you may not have the thrown weapon ricochet.
Special: if you have the ricochet shot feat you may use either feat for firearms or thrown things.

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