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Research Trinity [Magical]

You can greatly reduce one element required for creating new spells by increasing the others.


When creating a new spell you may greatly reduce one of the requirements (Cost, Library size or Time), but must increase the others. The time required can be reduced to one day/spell level by doubling the cost of the research (2000gp/spell level) and requiring a huge library for research (generally found only in a metropolis). Alternatively you can reduce the cost to 1,000gp/level of the spell by doubling the time required (2 weeks/spell level) and requiring a huge library. You may also conduct research using only your innate talent and spellbooks by doubling both the time (2 weeks/level of the spell) and the cost (2,000gp/level of the spell). In all cases the DC for determining success (a Spellcraft check) increases to 15 + the spell's level.


Spell research requires a large library generally found in a large city or metropolis and costs 1000gp per week and one week per spell level, and requires a Spellcraft check of 10 + the spell's level for success.

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