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Remorselessness Apex Predator Utility 1
As cold as the frozen Northern regions, your demeanor is the same; entering a state of chilling preparation leading to lethal confrontation.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Martial, Rage
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You enter a state of cold blooded rage until the end of the Encounter; your attack rolls are increased by +2, and all of your attacks deal additional damage equal to your Wisdom modifier. Each time you reduce an enemy to 0 or less hit points, your next attack roll is further increased by +2, and should the attack succeed, you deal an additional +2 damage. While under the effect of Remorselssness you are immune to Fear and weakening effects.
Apex Predator Vanquisher: While benefiting from Remorselessness you gain +2 Regeneration while Bloodied.

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