Religions of the Worlds (The Test of Time) (3.5e Pantheon)

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Here follows an overview of the gods of Andoria:

Belial; God of death[edit]

Chemosh, Goddess of War[edit]

Krilos, God of Magic[edit]

Arwan, The Hunter[edit]

Adonai; Goddess of life[edit]

Home plane:The Floating Isles
Followers: Aasimar, Paladin, Cleric (good), Human
Domains: Good, Sun, Nobility, Glory
Favorite weapon: Longsword

Pax; God of entertainment[edit]

Home plane:The Windy Isles
Followers: Elves, Rogues, Bards
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Travel, Creation
Favorite weapon: Longbow

Satine; Goddess of the sea[edit]

Home plane:The Great Ocean
Followers: Merfolk, Sailors, Gamblers, Psions
Domains: Water, Chaos, Trickery, Luck
Favorite weapon: Trident

Tiamat; Goddess of nature[edit]

Home plane:The Green Hell
Followers: Lizardfolk, Druid, Ranger, Barbarian
Domains: Chaos, Plant, Scalykind, Weather
Favorite weapon: Natural weapons

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