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Reflectors are rare at most places, and are only seen in areas with nature-element in favour, like forests or deserted towns. Reflectors are the ghosts of former figures that worshipped the nature deities, and were revived by them. The reflectors do not age, they die only from lack of faith in their deity or by combat.


Reflectors often don't trust any other race, as they were killed by someone, and get a massage from their nature deity that all are hostiles. Besides that, they are more used to be in groups with elves, as they were formerly elves.

Physical Description[edit]

The reflectors have the figure of a ghosts that do not fly. Instead of ghostly white color, the reflector is tinted yellow, and if you look closer at it, you may see, in blur, some of the people that walked in the place he is blocking in the past. Although the reflector may not interfere with the people.


They do not trust every race, and only after deeds of acceptance, or by friendship, that may take long to get from a reflector, may a race be with the reflector without him/her attacking. The reflector is seen with elves, and almost rarely another race.


Reflectors tend to not join any side, unless they fight for a reason. Without a group, they just roam in deserted areas or forests, thus making them neutral.


Mostly forests or grasslands. If they were reborn near to a destroyed town, theirs or not, they will stay there as long as it is not rebuilt. Then they would go to anoter deserted town, or another nature-element flavoured place.


All of the reflectors have religion of a nature god, as they were rebuilt by their nature god. If they lose religion to their god, they tend to get more blurry, until they vanish. They must obey their nature god, and only him or her.


Reflectors don't speak to others, as they tend to be on deserted places or nature fields, but if they speak, they use elven language, and common, if needed.


The names they had before their demise. They are mostly elves, and slight human names.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Intellegence, -2 Charisma.
  • Humanoid (ghost)
  • Medium size
  • Reflector base land speed is 30
  • +5 to Knowledge (nature): the Reflector is practicly built by nature.
  • Speak to the Wild: This enables the Reflector to talk with animals for one hour, and may convince them to not attack him, or even charm them. This effect is daily.
  • Regeneration: If a material attacks the Reflector, the body of the reflectors blurs. If not killed before 6 turns are ended, the Reflector becomes less blurry, healing 1d6 damage.
  • Ageless: Reflectors do not age due to them already being dead. They resist age-effects and do not gain benefits and penalties of aging.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Elven. Bonus Languages: Language of the place the reflector is in, if any, if not then there is no bonus languege.
  • Favored Class: Druid
  • Level Adjustment: +0

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