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Rear and Strike [Gritaur]

Long training has taught you to keep your balance and hold your weapons ready even when rearing up to strike with your claws.
Prerequisite: Gritaur
Benefit: You may use the Rear and Strike encounter power.
Special: A Windstalker can use claw-held weapons - including ranged weapons - with this power.
Rear and Strike Feat Power
You quickly rear up, bringing your claws forward to strike your enemy under the threat from your weapon.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Minor Action Melee or Range
Target: One creature
Attack: Str (Melee or Heavy Thrown weapon) or Dex (Ranged or Light Thrown weapon) Vs. AC
Hit: [1W]+Str (Melee or Heavy Thrown weapon) or Dex (Ranged or Light Thrown weapon) damage.
Increase damage to 2[W]+Str or Dex at 21st level.
Special: Weapon is usually unarmed claw attack (1d6 damage). This is a basic attack, and can thus be based on a different attribute if you have the Melee Training Feat.

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