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Goodbye, mortal...
—Reaper hunter.

The reapers are a deadly race of outsiders who dwell in the Aether, occasionally visiting the Material Plane to slaughter some unfortunate humanoids.


Reapers are sadistic and cruel, and, due to their innate ability to slay others, have absolutely no qualms about killing. They are hard to reason with, difficult to deal with, and nearly impossible to stop.

Physical Description[edit]

Reapers stand at least six feet in height, and have pale, almost pure white skin. They are completely hairless, and have red or orange eyes. Their teeth are sharp, and they have long, bone-like fingers. Like aether elves, they have pointed ears.


Reapers have an undying hatred for all other races. The only other species they have been known to tolerate for short periods are other Aether races. One known group of Reapers is The Sons of Liberty. Their leader is The Hole Diddler.


Reapers are almost invariably neutral evil, though some tend towards chaotic evil.


The reapers live in the Aether, and most are nomadic.


Reapers have no known religion. Clerics of their species have never been encountered.


Reapers have a tongues ability, and thus can speak any language. They usually converse in Aeth.


Reapers have no names, but often give themselves titles, such as "The Hole Diddler" or "The Murder of families" .

Racial Traits[edit]

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