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Reapers of Nerull[edit]

The Reapers of Nerull are a unique race in that they are not born; they are reincarnated. Each one enters the world as a half ling, an elf, a human, or a member of some other humanoid race with all that race’s propensities and traits. Nerull shadow workers scout out his servants to pass on the dark knowledge and power he gives them. All those who are found worthy are taught as an apprentice, if accepting the challenge, or killed instantly if they refuse. The evaluation by an older Reaper occures some times after the prospective student achieves some level skills in death magic. The evaluation is a strange event that one must experience to understand. It takes the form of a rigorous set of questions and task, most involving long and draw out details of deaths and how to deal with undead. After which the old Reaper takes in the acount of information in comparison with his own experience. If the propective student is acknowledged as adequate the old Reapers teaches the rites of death to him (or her) and leaves forthwith with no regard of how the future would be Reaper handles things. In most cases the old Reaper retires (and by retires, kills himself) into the care of Nerull

Rites of death[edit]

The rites of death reincarnates the participant into a half undead sculpture of his former life and into the servants of Nerull: god of death. The Rites are an agonizingly painful ritual that is taken by the participant; it consist of starvation, self infliction and finally burial. A week before the intended transformation is begun, on either a full or new Moon lunar cycle, the participant enters a empty mausoleum and proceeds to lock themselves inside. Once settled in, the participant engages in a full week of starvation (water is acceptable but only a cup once every 6 hours). After such the participant slits both hands with a wounding silver dagger and bleed into a specially ordained cup with the ritual ingrediants (See cost). The participant then prays for a total of two hours to nerull (see prayers to Nerull in 'complete divine'), before drinking from the cup (which then deals 1d4 con damage that cannot be healed by any means) and falling into a deep sleep. This done inside a coffin burriend within the mausoleum and the participant is effectively dead. The next night the participant awakes, blessed by the unholy powers of Nerull into a Reaper

non-good alignment, worshipper of Nerull, witnessed a funeral of someone you had met, and gone through the rites of Death. Special: favored souls do not need to wound themselves in the rites of death or have a wounding silver dagger, they must however murder 3 humanoid people and offer it to Nerull.
The Rite of Death requires 7 days of starvation followed by 24 hours of sleep. If the ceremony is interrupted, the prospective Reaper of Nerull must start the rite from the beginning. Although after the ritual, the participant is automatically sent to the plane of shadows to survive for no less than 3 days.
Ritual goblet and ingredients used by the prospective costs 200 gp,and requires a wounding silver dagger and empty mausoleum

Appearance and Personality[edit]

After the transformation from their normal living selves, most others find the Reapers unnerving and somewhat detached from life. Personality wise Reapers are calm, relaxed except when in the face of death, in which case they become excited and filled with a rush. Most are found in places where death is common.

Physical Description[edit]

a supernatural glamor makes Reapers appear as the race of their choosen aspect, except for shadlings (see below).


Most races find Reapers terrifying and spiteful workers of the god of Death. those who know what they are are unfriendly and try to avoid them at all cost, but some eventually Succumb to curosity or in most cases violence. Undead on the other hand are friendly (unintelligent ones) or indifferent (intelligent); undead instantly know a reaper and never attack them unless provoked or attacked first. Afterall, reapers are nerull personal servants and messangers. It takes at knowledge check of at least 20 (religion) to know what they are exactly, but some times it isn't uncommon for them to be thought as the races of their chosen aspects.

Alignment and religion[edit]

Non-good. Neutral Reapers are uncommon but not rare. Nerull is the key note god they worship, all other gods are given a place but never worshipped. Good gods are forsaken but cautiously thought about.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • no constitution score, (Hit dice does not change to d12 but remains class hit dice): Reapers are essientially undead but not fully there, no blood flows through their blood and they find themselves more graceful because of it. Although their mannerism turns of most people they encounter.
  • Humanoid (undead): Reapers are humanoids with the undead subtype and any other subtypes they had before undergoing the Rite of Death. For all effects related to race, a reaper is considered a undead and a member off her original race.
  • Age: After a Reaper underoes the Rite of death, she emerges as an adult creature regardless of her previous age (while still maintaining the penalties gathered from old age). They live until killed or finding a suitable apprientice (if wanted).
  • Immunities: to disease(magical or mundane), death effects and to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless). Reapers do not breathe, eat, sleep or age (Magical or mundane).
  • Undead aspect: Nerull has given his reapers with aspects combining some of the best attributes of undead. Upon completing the Rites of death, a Reaper chooses which of the following three aspects to manifest. Once the choice is made, it cannot be changed.
  • skeleton: another ability change, +2 dex, -2 cha. once this choice is made, all of the reaper's skin falls off and he forever looks like a skeletonial version of his race. Like the reaper he starts to gain a resistence to the cold, evolving over time and basic attacks and defenses. At first he gains a resistance to cold of 5 and a natural claw attack of 1d4. At 5HD it evolves to a 10 resistance, at 8HD it becomes 20 and finally at 11HD he becomes immune. At 14 HD a skeleton gains damage reduction of 5/bludgeoning. Becuase the reaper is a skeleton now he most likely wears some kind of cloak as to not be noticed as an undead skeleton.
  • shadling: ability change loses strength score and gains +2 dexterity when in shadow form. as if by being completely consumed by darkness, the reaper's body turn abyssal black as a solid form of shadows, although he can revert back to his usual form. Like death he becomes impossible to see when he is coming; He becomes impossible to track, right off the bat the character is treated as always moving silently (take 20 on moving silently - no matter if u are wounded or distracted). A shadling looks exactly like his original form but at a flash he can asume the form of a shadow. This effect last a hour per HD per day, this acts as a move action.The shadling then become incorporal (ethereal), gaining the benifits of an incorporal. A shadling's pressence is disturbing to animals and subseuently he gains -5 on handle animal checks checks. at 8HD while it is night or in heavliy darkened areas a shadling can take 20 on hide checks even while being watched. Eye color turns either yellow or red and hair as well as skin turns void black.
  • zombie: ability change -2 wis, -2 cha. hardly any reaper chooses this path but if so the reaper soon finds his flesh beginning to rot and slowly fall of. At first he becomes immune to nonlethal damage but has a vulnerability of 5 to fire (meaning he takes another 2 points of damage on fire based attacks). at 5HD he gains damage reduction of 5/slashing but a-1to cha. At 8HD a zombie gains fast healing of 1, fire damageagainst him moves up to 5 extra points. Finally at11HD, the zombie has regeneration, allowing him to essientially come back from death(-10hp) a day after his death, unfortunately if his body is destroyed it is impossible. Also at 11HD any fire effect on a zombie is added to 10 or doubled (whichever is higher).


It is rumored that Nerull chooses one of his Reapers to serve as his hand. A hands job is to spread his faith and complete specific quests in his honor. Since Nerulls Death at the hands of the Raven Queen, it is said that the last Hand of Nerull is looking for a way to revive him or take his place.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Reaper Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight
Male same as original same as original 40% lighter
Female same as original same as original 50% lighter


Reapers are essientially undead which in turn direct certain weaknesses to them:

  • Reapers cannot enter holy ground (by means of a consecrate spell or Hallow)
  • Reapers can be turned but not rebuked
  • Reapers may not enter a house unless they swear an oath to kill the owner (or invited whichever comes first)
  • Reapers are forbiden from harming undead unless attacked by them first.

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