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Razored Claws[edit]

Superior Melee Weapons[edit]

Natural Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Razored Claws +2 2d4 - - - Light Blade High Crit

Augmenting the Greater Saber's already potent combat ability, are the Razored Claws; massive, black, flesh rending talons designed to shred through armor and hide alike, flaying their victims and leaving terrible wounds.


High Crit

A high crit weapon deals more damage when you score a critical hit with it. A critical hit deals maximum weapon damage and an extra 1[W] at 1st–10th levels, an extra 2[W] at 11th–20th levels, and an extra 3[W] at 21st–30th levels. This extra damage is in addition to any critical damage the weapon supplies if it is a magic weapon.

Smilodon Maioribus

Only the race of Smilodon Maioribus, and its associated class unique to it the Apex Predator, are capable of making use of the Razored Claws as a natural, provided, and costless weapon; other classes may not utilize or acquire Razored Claws.

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