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Rak Morka[edit]

If one thing can be said about dwarves, it is that they know how to defend their homes. Rak Morka is a mountain fortress in the rocky spires that guards a dwarf city and a prosperous set of mining colonies. The only tunnel entrances to the city and colonies is through the Rak Morka gates. Despite its powerful defenses, the walls of the fortress have been breached many times in the past by large goblinoid armies.


Population 50,000 (Metropolis)

Race Population Percentage
Dwarf 100%


Industries (10)

Demands (5)


GP Limit 64,000 GP (this applies to all services)

Narrk, Master Smith Specialist

Narrk is the grandmaster of the forges in Rak Morka. His skills are revered across Flassa, even by the elves. His gp limit for crafting bludgeoning weapons and armor is 128,000 gp, though he marks his items up by at least 5-10% to outsiders of the dwarf clans. He is a master of working with Adamantine as well and can create items made out of it.

Notable NPCs[edit]

  • Bjorn Wrymender (Dwarf General of Rak Morka, Fighter 12, Paladin 4)
  • Farus Wyrmender (Dwarf Skycaptain of Rak Morka, Paladin 14)
  • Meloka (Very Old Copper Dragon)
  • Narrk (Master craftsman)

Adventure Hooks[edit]

Adventure hooks are divided into three categories: working with an organization (lawful), working with an individual or on one's own accord (neutral), and working against local organized powers (chaotic).


  • Meloka's daughter, Nekora was disowned by him after she had joined a group of orcs and destroyed a human town. She left for the south, seemingly never to be seen again. Rumors exist that she has come north again to challenge her father.


Rak Morka is sieged at least once every ten years. Since its initial construction there have been hundreds of sieges.

Aerial Garrison

The skies of Mt. Morka are patrolled and protected by several patrols of gargoyles. Meloka and Farus Wrymender command the patrols and Meloka often teaches his grandchildren and great-grandchildren about war and honor by training them for several years with the dwarven aerial patrols.

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