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Raise Undead[edit]

The corpse starts to twitch its limbs, shadows start surround it darkening the night; then you see it standing in front of you, staring; and you wonder, is it waiting for my command?.

Level: 8 Component Cost: 1500 gp plus one healing surge for every undead to be raised
Category: Creation Market Price: 2800 gp
Time: 8 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Permanent until destroyed

With this ritual you can Raise Undead Creature(s) of your choice from one or more prepared corpses. Depending on the Undead Creature(s) that you wish to create, check for its physical requirements on the Monster Manual (size, limbs, etc); you can also create a new Undead Creature with the aid of your Game Master by following the Rules for Creating New Monsters on the Dungeon Master's Guide. The level of the Undead Creature(s) raised in one use of this ritual (added together) can be no higher than 1/2 of the creator's level (or creators) plus a bonus given based on your Arcana check result. The level of the Creator(s) must be equal or higher than the level of the Undead Creature(s) it wishes to raise (based on the level that appears on the Monster Manual, for example, to create a Flameskull the level of the caster must be equal or higher than 16; it would require that 3 6th level characters to create a Flameskull with a level from 16 to 18).

Arcana check result Bonus level
0 or lower
- 1D6 levels
- 1D4 levels
+ 0 levels
+ 1D4 levels
30 or higher
+ 1D6 levels

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