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Rain Acid Blood[edit]

Who said the apocalypse wasn't fun?

Level: 30 Component Cost: 5,000 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 40,000 gp
Time: 9 hours Key Skill: None
Duration: 10 Minutes

Components: ash from a volcano after a recent eruption, Blood of a Wyvern, and the bone of a ruler of an empire (bone dust will suffice).

This ritual has the ability to destroy any area of 1/2 miles in diameter or less. It requires you to sacrifice a true friend or loved one, or even your own life (lives of 10 innocents can substitute, mainly encompassing babies), the ritual is able to detect if your sacrifice is not a truly loved one. It then rains down the blood of your very loved ones with an acidic attribute added to it, for 10 Minutes after the performance of the ritual. It shall rain and anything in it's downpour shall be melted, Can be resisted: on a D20 need a 17 (with resistance added).

This ritual can only be used 2 times in the lifetime of the user!

WARNING: Ritual has a backlash, and everytime it is used, the caster has a 10% chance of death on use.

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