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Size and Type: Small Vermin
Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (6 hp)
Mas: 10
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft, Climb: 10 ft
Defense: 15 (+1 size, +4 Dex), touch 15, flat-footed 11
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/-4
Attack: +5 melee(1d3-1 plus disease, bite)
Full Attack: +5 melee(1d6-1 plus disease, bite)
Space/Reach: 5 ft by 5 ft/5 ft
Special Qualities: Disease(injury/ingested, DC 16, incubation 2d4 hours, initial 1 Con damage, secondary 1d2 Str plus 1d2 Con damage), Darkvision 60 ft, Immune to mind-influencing attacks, Radiation Resistance, Resistance to massive damage +5
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0
Abilities: Str 9, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 2
Skills: Climb +9, Hide +11, Listen +6, Move Silently +7 Spot +4, Survival +8
Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite)
Possessions: None
Challenge Rating: 1/2
Allegiances: None
Advancement: 2-4 HD(Small), 5-7 HD(Medium)
Level Adjustment:

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