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Choosing your Race[edit]

Choosing a race is a difficult task, considering the number of races on the world. Be careful and thoughtful in your choice, since it affects the rest of your game.

Level Adjustments[edit]

Choices for Race[edit]

The many races to choose from follow. They are divided by type.

Major Races[edit]

Race Type LA HD ECL
Dwarf Humanoid (Dwarf) +0 0 1
Human Humanoid (Human) +1 0 1
Elf Humanoid (Elf) +0 0 1

Other Playable Races[edit]

These races are also available to players, though they should be approved by the DM before being used.

Some notes to be known about certain races:

  1. If a player wishes to play an Ineo, s/he must give a good background explaining how and why the the character left the comforts of Dashnek and set out into the world. This is to allow the DM to work the character's history into the game.
  • Exe. If the character ran away, s/he may not be welcome on the continent, making trade relations between the PC's and the Ineo hard.
Race Type LA HD ECL
Ineo Humanoid (Ineo) +1 0 2

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