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Sons of Anarchy
Campaign Setting

Sons of Anarchy engulfs itself in the social turmoil of a human civilization. However, as most D20 games, the world exist in an alternate-universe where other races exist.

Humans vastly outnumber all other races, and can be found among any of the lands of the known world. Intermingled in those same lands are major tribes of Orcs, Elvish societies, and Dwarven encampments.

Spread out among the entire land one can find any race known to man, and some that aren't. However, these other races, such as the mighty minotaurs and the unpredictable fey, do not have a large enough population to hold political power throughout the Sons of Anarchy lands.

Player Races[edit]

Potential players in a Sons of Anarchy-based campaign should be aware of the available choices they have to pick from by their Dungeon Master. The races listed here highlight the known world's inhabitants, each of which provides a possible racial choice for said player. However, races not listed here, homebrew or otherwise, may still be allowed by the Dungeon Master and become another minor race in the setting.

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