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Choosing your Race[edit]

Choosing a race is a difficult task, considering the number of races on the world. Be careful and thoughtful in your choice, since it affects the rest of your game.

Level Adjustments[edit]

Choices for Race[edit]

The many races to choose from follow. They are divided by type.

Major Races[edit]

Simiran Elves[edit]

The elves of Simiran are the product of incredible evolution. Because of the little sunlight on Sangra, their skin is green as a result of chloroplasts in addition to warmblooded veins, maximizing heat and energy. Their heads have also swollen over time to adapt to a larger brain. They are quiet secluded nature folk who enjoy music, dance, good food, and magic. They are vegetarians and live in the forests of Khalrana and near Simirandel, the original Elven City. Their flag is shown below.

The flag of the Elves.

Other Playable Races[edit]

These races are also available to players, though they should be approved by the DM before being used.







  • Simiran Elves

Magical Beasts[edit]

Monstrous Humanoids[edit]

Monstrous Mammals[edit]

  • A mounted seantaulk.

The Seantaulk (Shawn-towlk) is a large and furry worm measuring up to 30 bowlengths and that is ridden upon by Kings, Generals, and other commanders as means of transportation. If a merchant is wealthy enough, they will also have one as the Seantaulks are incredibly fast and can carry massive loads.




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