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Description:A quick loader is a circular metal object that holds bullets for a revolver-type firearm. Quick Loaders may have any number of slots for bullets, depending on the size of the magazine of the gun for which they are formatted. Common Quick Loaders usually have 6 or 8 slots, for a six or eight-shot revolver, respectively.

A Move Action allows the user to take out their Quick Loader, open their revolver, discard the spent cartridges, press the Quick Loader into the Magazine, pull the Quick Loader out, and close their revolver.

Rules: The Quick Loader must be filled with ammunition before it can be used, and may only be used to reload a weapon if it is full. Filling an auto-loader takes 1d4 Full Round Actions, and a user in Attack of Opportunity (AoO) range must make a concentration check of DC 15 or provoke attacks of opportunity. The Quick Loader may be filled and kept ready indefinitely until used, and is reusable as long as it is refilled.

Benefit: Reload a revolver with a Move Action instead of 1d4+1 Full Round actions. Cost: 10gp for Standard Varieties, +2 gp per alteration (beyond 6 or 8, meaning a 10-shot revolver's Quick Loader will cost 14gp, and a 4-shot revolver's Quick Loader will also cost 14gp).

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