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Every Inath character finds themselves at a crossroads often during their search for immortality and true divine power, and it is true that those who undertake such quests find themselves at an advantage in terms of divine power and potential when others are not as advanced in their studies or personal endeavors.

At many points during Inath progression, heroes find themselves challenged by many deep and intriguing obstacles which can either make or break them in terms of their spiritual potential. Inath characters undertake these quests to prove to themselves, their superiors, mentors, peers and the cosmos that they are capable of holding their own in terms of their spiritual grasp on the methods behind divine progression. Immortality often comes at a cost, and each of these quests hopes to bridge the gap between mortals and immortals by giving them the opportunity to prove their potential by their actions instead of by simply becoming more powerful.

These quests, often called Spiritual Journeys, are stepping stones on the path to acquiring further Inath Levels and Caste. Unlike a typical adventure or quest where the reward for such action is often treasure or class progression, Spiritual Journeys are often for the simple sake of proving one's worth to the universe and a demanding mentor who wishes to be shown how advanced Inath characters truly are.

Spiritual Journeys, Legendary and Heroic Quests[edit]

The most outstanding feature of a Spiritual Journey or Legendary Quest is that Experience Points gained by such activities is only applicable to Inath Caste Progression and not to character class progression. Furthermore, experience gained by undertaking such a quest can be bent to the needs of one's Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Caste Progression, depending on the successes and fulfillments of certain prerequisites.

If a Spiritual Journey is undertaken and successfully finished, Experience gained by the effort can be applied to Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) progression in a very special and specific manner:

  • Experience gained by the successful completion of a Spiritual Journey can be used to advance to a higher Inath Level or Caste.
  • Spiritual Journeys are worth specific amounts of Experience Points if they are used to advance to the next higher Inath Level. Otherwise, they are worth the actual Experience Points of the quest undertaken, in terms of encounter levels and Exp earned.
  • The total amount of experience points gained by all included Spiritual Journeys of a given Inath Level will only equal a total of 30% of the necessary Exp needed to move up to the next Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) level. They are divided equally among each other, so that an Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) character who performs all Spiritual Journeys of a given Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) level will earn exactly 30% of the necessary Exp to move up and onward.
  • If a character needs as much or less Exp than they have earned from their Spiritual Journeys to move up to the next Inath Level, those Exp will allow such a character to advance onward (providing they meet all other requirements for successful progression).
  • Any Spiritual Journey that is successfully undertaken and accomplished and not used for Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Progression will only count for the amount of Exp actually earned from the encounter, regardless of success. Experience points earned for Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) progression that are counted as such MUST be used in this manner, or else they are simply an adventure encounter and should be treated as such. Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) characters still gain the benefits of completing a Spiritual Journey, providing they meet all the requirements and benchmarks of the task given to them.
  • Often Spiritual Journeys are given as a task by a mentor which has previously assisted the character to advance in Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) progression(s). Regardless, the Journey MUST BE given by someone, not simply by the character's own free will. Often these quests undertake actions which will benefit or affect massive numbers of individuals in one or many realms of existence, and are therefore often seen as divinely influenced or inspired, regardless of the entity that incites the Quest.

Types of Quests include:

  1. Ascension Quest (one only, noted as [Ascension])
  2. Early Ability Quests (noted as [Early Ability])
  3. Early Skill Quests (noted as [Early Skill])
  4. Dama Reduction Quests (noted as [DR])
  5. Prerequisite Feat Quests (noted as [Prerequisite Feat])
  6. Immunity Quests (noted as [Imm])
  7. Ability Quests (noted as [Ability])
  8. Portfolio Quests (noted as [Portfolio])

Inath Spiritual Journeys and Quests by Inath Level[edit]


Gain the potential for an Immortal Soul by being gifted with a Divine Spark (soul)


Experience gained from this Quest (up to 10,000 Exp) is burned during an Inception or Ascension ceremony, where the character takes on the Inath Level of Ketra

Ketra (Ghimhara):

  • No Quests

Nekochma (Ghimhara):

  • Quest of the Fortified Temple:
Maximum HP/Level
  • Journey of the Higher Mind:
Gain Telekinesis as an Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Cross-Class Skill

Byrnah (Ghimhara):

  • Quest of Self Protection:
Damage Reduction 5/Magic
  • Journey of the Divine Mind:
Gain Telekinesis as an Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) Class Skill

Akesda (Imburith):

  • Quest of Self Defense:
Damage Reduction 10/Magic

Pyrurin (Imburith):

  • Quest of Self Empowerment:
Damage Reduction 10/Epic

Algareth (Imburith):

  • Journey of the Creator:
Gain feat - Craft Portfolio Items (Prerequisite for Create Portfolio Magic Item - Item Creation Feat/Skill)

Nefratzach (Qil-Ruri):

  • Journey of the Healer/Despoiler:
Immunity to Diseases
  • Journey of the Whole/Defiled:
Immunity to Poisons
  • Journey of the Painless:
Immunity to Stunning
  • Quest of the Holy/Unholy:
Grant Domain Spells from non-Class Domains
  • Quest of the Great Speaker:
Communication to all (able to communicate to any creature with a language)

Aislodd (Qil-Ruri):

  • Quest of the Successful:
Divine Success (take 10 on any attack roll)
  • Journey of the Impenetrable:
Immunity to Paralysis
  • Quest of the Steel Temple:
Damage Reduction 15/Epic
  • Quest of the Divine Hand:
Withhold Domain Spells from worshippers

Yesdatha (Qil-Ruri):

  • Quest of the Noteworthy:
Divine Success (take 10 on any saving throw)
  • Journey of the Sleepless:
Immunity to Sleep effects
  • Journey of the Perpetual Temple:
Immunity to Disintegration effects
  • Quest of the Holy/Unholy Light:
Gain Divine Aura
  • Quest of the Familiar Beast/Spirit:
Familiar Type (those with Familiar Class ability only)

Da-athma 2:

  • Completing the Circle:
Divine Synergy (any skill with 20+ ranks grants a further +2 synergy bonus to related skills; prerequisite - 24 ranks in Knowledge Inath (3.5e Variant Rule) (any one Energy Path / Divine Spark)
  • The Divine Soul's Grasp:
Domain powers granted
  • The Quickened Divine:
Spontaneous Divine Spellcasting Divine Ability

Da-athma 3:

  • Walking the Mirror's Edge:
AC Deflection bonus = +Cha mod
  • Seeing the World:
Portfolio Sense 1 (1,000+ people involved)
  • Speaking through the Cosmos:
Remote Communication Divine Ability

Da-athma 4:

  • The Divine Soul's Power:
Domain Spells granted
  • Creating the World:
Create Portfolio Magic Item (as Divine Ability)

Da-athma 5:

  • Lightning Action's Wanting:
Automatic Action - Portfolio (max DC 15 = 2 actions/round)
  • Government of the Holy/Unholy:
Godly Realm

Da-athma 6:

  • Quest of the Silver Temple:
Damage Reduction 20/Epic

Da-athma 7:

  • Seeing the Whole:
Portfolio Sense 2 - 500+ people

Da-athma 8:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 9:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 10:

  • Lightning Actions's Permission:
Automatic Action - Portfolio (max DC 20 = 5 actions/round)

Da-athma 11:

  • Quest of the Golden Temple:
Damage Reduction 25/Epic

Da-athma 12:

  • Seeing the Soul:
Portfolio Sense 3 - Portfolio (any # of people) + 1 week/Divine Rank into the past

Da-athma 13:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 14:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 15:

  • Lightning Action's Promise:
Automatic Action - Portfolio (max DC 25 = 10 actions/round)

Da-athma 16:

  • Quest of the Mithral Temple:
Damage Reduction 30/Epic

Da-athma 17:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 18:

  • Seeing the Cosmos:
Portfolio Sense 4 - Portfolio (any # of people) +1 week/Divine Rank into the past and future

Da-athma 19:

  • No Quests

Da-athma 20:

  • Lightning Action's Conquest:
  • Automatic Action - Portfolio (max DC 30 = 20 actions/round)

Da-athma 21+:

  • No Quests

Notes about Inath Spiritual Journeys[edit]

All Inath Legendary Quests and Spiritual Journeys and type (40 total):

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