Quest for the Spark of Eternity (Inath Supplement)

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Quest for the Spark of Eternity [Ability]

Quest Traits:

  • Quest Experience Point Value: 5,000, Campaign Level Exp (CR 5), or actual Experience earned, whichever is higher
  • Skip allowed? No
  • Inath Level Offered: Abysma
  • Retry allowed? Yes

Quest Information:

This quest often involves seeking out a knowledgeable patron of divinity, often in a bleak, faithless, or cursed world or family lineage, wherein a mortal is an atheist, lacks an intelligence score, is a cursed soul, was born without a soul, is inherently evil, unspeakably evil, or wishes the oblivion of all deities and divine might, whether by culture or voluntary bereavement of one’s soul. If a mortal has sold their soul to another being for granting favors, a pact is often made on the fact, but if this Quest is undertaken, it can be won back. Receiving divinity in this fashion is often a search for inner purpose, a soul or evidence of spiritual energies within one’s self, and if it may or may not be connected to the larger world. Finding a faith of any form can be either traditional or completely unique to an eccentric or cultural context and often simply results in finding evidence of the potential for one’s inner Divine Spark, but not truly grasping its power or seeing the inner Spark itself. If no Divine Spark was present before this time, if a deity grants a Divine Spark to an object or location, or if you are simply finding your inner or externalized faith, a Divine Spark appears within your body that is the essence of your True Self, and gives you a purpose in pursuing a spiritual Path.




Without taking this Quest, if a mortal has been cursed without a soul, they will die and experience true oblivion at the time of death. This character, creature, or object is simply physical death without an afterlife. Mortals of many races are blessed with an eternal existence, but inherently evil races such as the Vashar have no inherent Divine Spark, and when death is upon them, they are no more than fertilizer and history.

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