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Quadriplegic [General][edit]

Your character has four fewer limbs than is typical for their race.
Prerequisite: Your character must have four limbs to lose.
Effect: You lose a great deal of functionality having had such severe loss of limb.

Size: You are considered one size smaller than a member of your race when it would be advantageous to you. Furthermore, you weigh half as much as a typical member of your race.

Loss of All Manipulators

Equipment Loss of all manipulators results in the inability to use items from the bracer or glove slots and you can only wield a single one-handed or light weapon in your mouth which is considered off hand and improvised in addition to suffering a -4 to all attacks and reducing the strength bonus to both attack and damage by one half of your strength modifier.
Spells: Without at least one of your manipulators, you can no longer use spells with a somatic component(unless you utilize the Dance the Spell feat QW) and cannot draw material components from your spell pouch for use in spells without some other means of reaching them.
Skills: -5 to Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Ride, Survival, Swim and Tumble, -10 to Craft, Disable Device, Disguise, Forgery, Heal, Open Lock, Perform(With need of arms), Profession(With need of arms), Slight of Hand, Use Rope.
Note: Mage Hand, or similar telekinetic ability, can replace most fine manipulation such as is needed for drawing material components, Craft, Disable Magic Device, Disguise, Forgery, Heal, Open Lock, Perform, Profession and in some cases Use Rope and removes those drawbacks if only temporarily.

Loss of Movement Limbs

Equipment: If all legs are lost, you have an inability to use items in the pants and boot slots.
Speed: All mods of movement related to the lost limbs are reduced by proportion to the limbs lost rounded down to the nearest 5 to a minimum of 5. For example: A centaur loses two legs, for losing half of his movement limbs he goes from 50ft land speed to 25ft. A creature who has lost half of their limbs for a particular mode of movement can no longer perform a run or charge action in that movement mode. Flight is removed entirely if 3/8 or more of the limbs involved are lost. Burrowing is removed entirely if all related limbs are lost.
Skills: -5 to Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Ride, Survival, Swim and Tumble, Move Silently, -10 Jump, Perform(With need of legs), Profession(With need of legs)
Benefit: You obtain four bonus feats. All full body equipment is half price. You may also enchant your body once for each missing slot at half of the normal cost and dismiss said enchantment with one day of concentration. Enchantments attained in this way are no longer limited to the original slot and can be any of the lost slots plus helm or necklace.
Normal: Mobility and manipulation as the base creature would have.
Special: If at any time your limbs are permanently restored, you lose any excess item slots you may have attained. You increase to your normal level adjustment. You half the skill penalties, voiding them upon next level up. And you do not gain the next three feats(one if epic) you would have otherwise received from leveling.
Roleplaying Ideas: These characters may feel helpless, or manipulate the feelings of those around them that see them as helpless. But they typically fiercely strive to off set their lack of ability through rigorous, even zealous, training and may be very defensive about their condition.

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