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Ducking the falling cinders, the group dove from the structure and into the fountain in the courtyard. The shouts of the fire-fighters could be heard on the other side of the structure, but as the group surfaced it became clear that the building could not be saved. As most of their number watched the roof fall in, sending showers of sparks in all directions, the fighter grabbed the rogue by the hair as the halfling attempted to sneak away and held him at eye-level, glaring straight into his face. "New party rule. Next time we need to research something at a library, we tie Dakar up first."

The entire group nodded in unison.


You like setting things on fire and watching them burn.
Effect: You can't be trusted with fire. If you have some sort of ignition source (matches, flint and tinder, any kind of fire spell), and you come across something that's just begging to be lit (old wooden house, wagon of gunpowder, a library, a cat), you must make a Will Save (12+1 Per size category of the object(s) or creature to be lit on fire. Ex +1 for fine, +2 for diminutive, +3 for tiny, etc etc.). If passed, you may continue on, but with an additional -1 to all subsequent Will Saves until you are far enough away from the object. If the check is failed, you will repeatedly attempt to ignite it until you're either arrested (by the law, mob of common folk, or your party) or it burns.

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