Psychic Talent Feats (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Psychic Talent Feats[edit]

Psychic talent feats are “enablers” for various psychic skills. The feats represent the raw potential to learn certain psychic skills. Some psychic talent feats—such as Psychokinesis or Telepathy—grant access to many different psychic skills while others—such as Dimensional Shift or Psychic Weapon—grant access to only a single psychic skill (usually a less common one). Psychic talent feats grant immediate use of any of the talent’s skills that can be used untrained and allow the character to purchase ranks in the talent’s skills.

Note that psychic talent feats do not determine whether psychic skills are class skills, only whether a character can buy the skills at all. Psychics and many psychic prestige classes have psychic skills as class skills while other characters must acquire them as crossclass skills.

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