Psychic Grappling (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Psychic Grappling[edit]

Just as characters can grapple physically, psychics can grapple opponents mentally, initiating a struggle of two minds locked in mental combat. Psychic grappling is a useful means of occupying an opponent, or of putting opponents into a position where you can more easily use other psychic skills against them, but it does involve a certain measure of risk, particularly where strong-willed opponents are concerned.

Grapple Checks
Initiating a Psychic Grapple
Psychic Lock
If You’re Psychically Grappling
If You’re Psychically Pinned
Other Actions While Psychically Grappling
Multiple Grapplers
Psychic Grappling Consequences
No Dodge Bonus
Psychic Grappling Strain

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