Prosthetic Limb, Lesser (3.5e Equipment)

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This is a basic wooden post with a hook.

This comes in three versions:

Forearm: is a wooden stump with a hook just below the elbow, costing 20 gp

Solid Arm: is a wooden stump just below the shoulder with a hook, costing 35 gp, and with no elbow joint. You also take a -3 penalty on all skills using the arms, on top of that of the hook.

Hinged Arm: is a wooden stump attached just below the shoulder with a hinge at the elbow (and a hook) costing 50 gp. It is unwieldily to use, requiring a proficency feat or else you take a -3 penalty on all skill checks that use the arms (stacks with that of the hook). Even with the feat, a -1 penalty still applies.

Hook penalties: You take a -2 penalty on any skill that the DM rules is difficult with only one hand. Even on other skill checks that require hand use, you take a -1 penalty due to the hook.

Hook as a Weapon: The hook can be used as a melee weapon that deals 1d3 points of piercing damage. Any penalties from a "solid" or "hinged" arm also apply to your attack roll. The hook is treated as an exotic weapon.

Special: many tasks that require two hands are not possible with this arm. Such tasks include, but are by no means limited to, using a bow, loading a crossbow, wielding a two-handed weapon or two-handed farm implement, or tying ropes.

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