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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Minor Action
  • Standard Action
  • Free Action
  • Immediate Reaction
  • Immediate Interrupt
  • Move Action
  • No Action
  • [[Allows value:=[As Power]]]

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Amber of the Ancient Spider (4e Equipment) +Free Action  +
Amulet of Whispers (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +
Arachnida Ring of Agility (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Armguards of Sehanine (4e Equipment) +Free Action  +
Armor of the Artificer (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +, Free Action  +
Armor of the Grand Alliance (4e Equipment) +Immediate Reaction  +, Minor Action  +
Assassin's Cloak (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +
Astral Lantern (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +
Axe of the Dwarven Prince (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +


Beckoning Hand (4e Equipment) +Free Action  +
Beguiling Armor (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Blade of Night and Day (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +
Blade of Pain (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Blood-Biter (4e Equipment) +Immediate Interrupt  +, Standard Action  +
Bone Coin (4e Equipment) +No Action  +


Circlet of Clarity (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Circlet of Spiderkind Command (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +
Compass Rose (4e Equipment) +Free Action  +


Daylight Pellet (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Demon Rod (4e Equipment) +Free Action  +
Dimensional Wall Shield (4e Equipment) +Immediate Reaction  +
Drow House Insignia (Transmitting) (4e Equipment) +Minor Action  +
Dwerforged Weapon (4e Equipment) +Standard Action  +


Elvish Shoes (4e Equipment) +Move Action  +
Equipment Compendium (Stormforge Supplement) +Free Action  +, Standard Action  +
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