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Priest of Anubis
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Priest of Anubis[edit]

Priests of Anubis are male humans who called for strength from the egyptian God Anubis and was granted power and worship him. Priests of Anubis always carry an Egyptian Ankh staff with them to cast their magic through it for focus. A Priests of Anubis's skin turns blue and their head turns into a jackle head with normal gray eyes. Priests of Anubis always wear egyptian clothes just like Anubis such as Anubis headpiece, Gold neckcollar, and a Shendyt.

Making a Priest of Anubis[edit]

Priests of Anubis are mostly trained against undead but are capapble of fighting most enemies.

Abilities: Intelligence, wisdom, and constitution.

Races: Human(male) only.

Alignment: Any good.

Starting Gold: Wizard

Starting Age: Human and age max is increased to 300 years of age.

Table: The Priest of Anubis

Hit Die: 1d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spells per Day Power
Maximum Power
Level Known
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 5 + + + decintegration touch, leap, lesser heiroglyphs
2nd 5 + + + lenin blast
3rd 5 + + + blast of Anubis,
4th 5 + + + feat gained
5th 6 + + + intelligence+2
6th 6 + + + Stare of Fear
7th 6 + + + egyptian cure
8th 6 + + + deathly grip
9th 6 + + + Detect soul
10th 6 + + + mark of anubis, wisdom+2
11th 7 + + + greater heiroplyphs
12th 7 + + + feat gained
13th 7 + + +
14th 7 + + + Anubis's curse
15th 7 + + +
16th 7 + + + Egyptian focus
17th 8 + + +
18th 8 + + + raise mummy
19th 8 + + + Egyptian creation
20th 8 + + + feat gained, master heiroglyphs

Class Skills (<-number of skill points-> + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
<-class skills (and key abilities)->.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Priest of Anubis.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: you are proficient with staffs,simple weapons, egyptian weapons and egyptian armor.

Mummy specialist (Su): Mummies are friendly toward you.

Jackal head: A full Priest of Anubis's head is a jackal head so he gains the bite natural attack and animal subtype. multiclass lose this special ability or don't gain this at all.

egyptian priest: A Priest of Anubis easily understands the egyptian language and are able to speak it.

egyptian staff expert: a Priest of Anubis can twist his staff around like a baton in one hand to add 4 points to intimidate and block melee weapons.

Decintegration touch: you can decintegrate objects, weapons, armor, and other solid objects to ash with a touch of your hand. useable any time as full priest of anubis. useable 2 times a day as multiclass. dc:14+strength mod for manual activate. dc:16+con modifier to stop automatic activate every time you touch or hold a solid object. 1d6 for automatic activate 1,3,5: nothing happens 2,4,6 roll 1d20.

leap: you leap toward an enemy or certain spot that can be 15ft to 60ft. away or can leap up to 60ft. high. useable anytime as full priest. multiclass are unable to use this.

lesser heiroglyphs: you turn magic into words as you speak lesser heiroglyphs.

lenin blast: you cast a small orb of gray light to cover the target in lenin wrappings. useable 6 times a day as full priest. useable 2 times a day as multiclass. saving throw vs. reflex to fail. dc:15 vs. strength to break out.

deathly blast: you cast a small orb of green light at the target to deal 2d6 damage ignoring armor. useable any time as full priest of Anubis. useable 5 times a day as multiclass. dc:10+wisdom modifier

swarm of locusts: you summon a swarm of locusts in a 100ft. area that deals 2d6 damage to everyone each round for 10 rounds. useable 3 times a day. useable 1 time a day for multiclass. dc14+constitution modifier

Stare of Fear: Your eyes glow and everyone looking at you runs in fear for 5 rounds. saving throw vs. reflex. dc:12+wisdom modifier. useable 4 times every week and 2 times every week for multi priests.

Egyptian cure: you create a glowing transparent yellow sphere around the target that cures diseases and curses. dc14+wisdom modifier. any time as full priest and 2 times a day as multi priest

deathly grip: you cast a green circle on the ground that's 60ft. wide in diameter that grows undead arms out of the ground to hold and stop any character inside it by their legs. dc:16+constituion modifier. 3 times a day by any priest.

detect soul: your eyes glow blue and you can see any creature or being within 200ft. that has a soul for 2 minutes. useable 4 times a day for full priest. 2 times a day by multiclass priest. dc:10+constitution modifier to succeed.

Mark of Anubis: you place a glowing yellow circle on the ground around you thats 50ft. in diameter with a symbol of anubis in the center that deals 3d10 damage to everyone inside it and last 20 rounds. useable 2 times a day for full priest. useable 1 time a day for multiclass priest and they pass out after its placed. dc:15+constituion modifier

greater heiroglyphs: you turn magic into more powerful words as you speak greater heiroghlyphs.

Anubis's curse: the target is cursed with this until someone else curse it. This curse increases the damage taken by 20% every day that passes while active. this curse makes every spell fail and magic objects and scrolls turn to dust in your hand while it's active. If this curse isn't cured in 2 weeks the cursed target dies and the body is turned to sand leaving only bones and sand behind. Full priest can use this once every 5 days. a multiclass priest can use this every 2 weeks.

Egyptian focus: you gain 5 skill points in 2 of your skills. your choices can't be the same skill.

raise mummy: you can summon a mummy as a companion or raise a lifeless one until it dies. dc:16+constitution modifier. A full priest can use this any time. A multiclass priest can use this 2 times a day.

Egyptian creation: you can conjure an egygtian obelisk 40ft. tall and 5ft. in length and width. the obelisk channels nearby energy to nuetralize all magic in a 100ft. diameter. the obelisk can only be destroyed by physically breaking it. A full priest can use this 4 times a week. a multiclass priest can use this 2 times a week. Obelisk Hardness=150

Master heiroglyphs: you turn magic into very powerful words as you speak master heiroglyphs. Master heiroglyph's side effects on the caster is for the Dungeon Master to decide what they are.


Heiroglyphs are for the Dungeon Master to decide what each one does. The DM decides how many times you use it or wether or not you keep it permanetly.

Ex-Priest of Anubis[edit]

a Priest of Anubis who changes to evil alignment or stops worshipping Anubis will feel his wrath. Anubis warns them to start worshipping him again or change their allingment back to good or nuetral in 2 days or their body will turn to ashes leaving only their bones behind.

Epic Priest of Anubis[edit]

Table: The Epic Priest of Anubis

Hit Die: 2d8

Level Special
21st strength+1, intelligence+2
22nd wisdom+2
23rd Improved Decintegration Touch
24th Improved Leap
25th Imporved Lenin Blast
26th Magic Aura
27th Ritual Heiroglyphs
28th Magic Eyes
29th Soul Trade
30th Forced Revival

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Improved Decintegration Touch: Same ability but with double dice count, can decintegrate at full will which basicly means no random will saves.

Improved Leap: same ability but double the jump distance.

Improved Lenin Blast: same ability but can manipulate the enemies movements and actions.

Magic Aura: you generate a magic aura that drains Magic from everyone within a 200ft. radius and all magic is drained and magic items are drained and turned to dust. full priests must be carrying Aunkh staff to focus enough magic to generate this aura.

Ritual Heiroglyphs: you turn magic into words as you speak Ritual Heiroglyphs. Ritual Herioglyphs are combinations of heiroglyphs that have ultimate effects from transforming into a deity to causing mass chaos across the lands for 5 minutes.

Magic Eyes: you can see right through magic without needing a will save and can paralyze an enemy with his own magic. paralyze takes full focus until target is dead or focus is lost (will save=18) (DC 18) full priest only can use this once every two days.

Soul Trade: you cast a transperant ghostly blue sphere around two targets who's soul's are then switched and the only way to gain the original bodies is for the caster to switch them back or the targets to kill the caster. upon revival after the target's death the souls go back to their original bodies. will save(DC 20+wis mod). full priest only can cast this once a day and reverse it anytime. Success=DC 18

Forced Revival: you place the tip of your aunkh staff on the dead targets head and chant a revival ritual that forces the target to revive without objection.

Bonus Feats: The epic Priest of Anubis gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic Priest of Anubis bonus feats) every 2 levels after 20th.

Epic Priest of Anubis Bonus Feat List:Flip, Brute, clinch, combat presence

Human Priest of Anubis Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Ankh staff.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
Knowledge(local) 4 - "_"
Jump 4 - "_"

Feat: campaigner.

Bonus Feats: intuitive reflexes.

Gear: Anubis headpiece, gold neckpiece, Shendyt, Ankh staff, mummification kit, and lenin wrap

Gold: 1000.

Playing a Priest of Anubis[edit]

Religion: Priests of Anubis worship only Anubis as their god.

Other Classes: A Priest of Anubis can get along easily with spellcasters but hate evil characters.

Combat: priests of Anubis are damage dealers.

Advancement: characters can't be priests of anbuis if they choose evil or non-intelligent classes. Priests of Anubis can level into spellcasters or intelligent fighters. can't choose any other classes that have evil spells.

Priests of Anubis in the World[edit]

Mess with me and i'll turn you to ash
—Kurne, Human Priest of Anubis

Priests of Anubis hang around cemetaries, tombs, dungeon entrances, and pyramids but motsly hang around Temples to Anubis.

Daily Life: A priest of Anubis will usually spend his day worshipping Anubis and doing jobs for him when he needs something done.

Notables: you can usualy find NPC Priests of Anubis in Temples to Anubis or villages.

Organizations: Priests of Anubis gather in Temples to Anubis to discuss what needs to be done if tombs, cemetaries, and graveyards have been disturbed.

NPC Reactions: Npcs will usualy react on their jackal heads or egyptian clothing or both.

Priest of Anubis Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge(local) can research Priests of Anubis to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 Priests of Anubis prefer egyptian language and clothing.
10 Priests of Anubis specialize in mummification and death.
15 Priests of Anubis are immune against instant death attacks.
20 A Priest of Anubis's spirit is sent to anubis's realm upon death.

Priests of Anubis in the Game[edit]

Priests of Anubis can be found in out of the way towns or villages in desert regions or in Anubis temples anywere where there is one.

Adaptation: Priests of Anubis adapt easier when around places of death like tombs, cemetaries, graveyards, ect...

Sample Encounter: Priests of Anubis are usualy found in a temple or around towns, villages, and cities.

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